Friday, January 1, 2010

goodbye 2009, hello 2010. by orange

happy 2010!  i am amazed that another year has passed.  the husband and i rang in the new year with a fun filled party at our house.  pictures to come soon.

here is a little bit of what 2009 brought...

started orange violet!
a new violet came to town
decorated a real christmas tree
received a promotion at work
payton was stolen but then, returned!
the husband and i celebrated our 1st anniversary
ran 2 half marathons
visited new york for the first time
starting cooking some
started a new christmas tradition
we painted orange in our bedroom
contemplated dying my hair red
i experimented with jelly beans

here's to the possibilities of 2010!!  hope you enjoyed the new year with loved ones.

orange...wishing i was in these slippers.

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