Monday, January 4, 2010

Popping Bottles for '10. by violet

I find New Year’s Eve stressful. It’s a giant game of musical chairs, where are you going, who are you going with, and what are you wearing. It’s all bearing down on you and if you don’t make plans the music stops and it’s you, a bottle of Cook’s, sweatpants and Ryan Seacreast.

I throughly enjoyed our trip to Cle Elum last year for a snow-filled ringing in of 2009. But there were some rumblings of cabin fever and a desire to spend a little less money this year. So when Orange and her husband offered to host a classy NYE celebration at their place I full heartedly agreed.

I found a great dress at the BCBG outlet in Woodburn on the way back from one of our many trips to Eugene this past summer/fall so I knew I had that in my back pocket.

Instead of a fancy dinner out, we pot lucked and ended up with a feast. I offered up honeycomb cannelloni (technically, mine was rigatoni but that’s just semantics). It’s a delicious recipe from Jamie Oliver that I’ve been in love with since I got the Cook with Jamie last Christmas. It is pretty labor intensive but it’s totally worth the amount of work that goes into it. It was a hit with the party goers, plus it keeps and reheats wonderfully.

From there, the party took off when the Orange husband started sabering more champagne bottles than we could, or should drink.

Popping bottles

J. set up a little photo booth to capture some of the magic, and that he did.

Orange husband action shot 

Orange with Clockwork Eric

 Avant garde

Me with the Orange puppy, Meika

 Orange and husand

Neil and the ladies

Orange Violet

Jam of the night award goes to Alicia Keys and Jay Z Empire State of Mind. There may or may not have a karaoke session - twice.

Sing along

All in all, it was a great way to ring in 2010 which I’m hoping will be a very good year indeed.

Violet and J.
Violet in BCBGeneration black, platform pumps


  1. Great pics! That second shot is epic. Looks like a blast and I'm totally sad I missed it!