Monday, January 25, 2010

The Red Mill. by violet

Sometimes a girl just needs a cheeseburger. And the good news is that Seattle has plenty of places to find delicious options. One of my personal favorites is Red Mill.

The Red Mill - Phinney Ridge

And people agree with me, Red Mill has won Seattle’s best burgers 10 years in a row, been featured in GQ and on Man vs. Food – though not during the eating challenge portion of the show (that was Beth’s 12 egg omelet).

It’s difficult to talk (or write) about what makes a burger great mostly because different people look for different things. So you know where I’m coming from, here’s what I like to see and taste in a burger:

Red Mill deliciousness

Quality Meat: You know it when you taste it. Beef should have flavor and not be a cardboard hockey puck.

Fresh veggies: Crispy lettuce and juicy tomatoes can make a world of difference.

Bun: A quality bun can go a long way – if they are homemade on site that’s even better. One of the reasons I love In n Out is the bread.

Spreads and special sauces: While I love ketchup and mustard it’s always nice when a place puts its own stamp on things.

French fries: One of my favorite foods on Earth – deep fried potatoes. It can really make or break a burger experience, nothing worse than a good burger served with frozen, soggy fries.

The fries and onion rings at Red Mill

Location: While a fancy steakhouse can most certainly make an excellent burger, my favorites tend to come from places much less pretentious. It’s preferable if the place have the name “shack” or “hut” in the title. The less seating in a place, the better the burger, don’t ask me why - it just is.

Red Mill lives up to these lofty standards. There are two locations in Seattle, one in Phinney Ridge and one in Interbay. Both are tiny, both are order at the counter and keep an eagle eye out for an open table. And for some reason, we always seem to go to Red Mill after I’ve gone running, and burgers always taste delicious after a run.

And let me tell you, the only thing that got me through the last mile was the thought of this waiting for me at the end.

What’s your favorite burger place? A Five Guys just moved into the greater Seattle area that I’m dying to try. 

A happy and full gang
Violet in copper Seychelles wedges

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