Thursday, September 29, 2011

City by the Bay

We bookended our recent trip to northern California with two weddings, but I’m going to give you the middle. Not because the weddings weren't beautiful and a ton of fun because they both were. Because it was all too much for one post so I had to divvy it up somehow and this way seemed to make sense.

So without further ado I give you the highlights from our trip to San Francisco.

- Filbert Steps down from Coit Tower. If I had what I’m sure would need to be a whole lot of money, I’d want to live there.

Though I’m still sore form the climb.

- Hayes Valley. Actually now that I mention it, I could live there too. Cute shops, restaurants and bars.

- Fatted Calf. Pork Happy Hour on Wednesday night, they break down a pig in front of you and you can take cuts home with you.

- Our bike tour of Napa

- Delicious burgers Gott’s Roadside

- The Oxbow Market getting supplies for a bread and cheese picnice to go with our Napa wine

- Mexican food in the Mission

- Drinks at Clift Hotel’s Redwood Room

- The Ferry Building: Blue Bottle Coffee, Il Cane Rosso plus the Tacolicious and Namu trucks

(Have you noticed how happy I look in all these food pictures? Yeah, there's a trend.)

- So. Much. Coffee.

- A truly decadent lunch at Wayfare Tavern (thanks to Nicki and Chris)

- Finding Joe the perfect Giants hat our last night in town

As usual the City by the Bay didn’t disappoint. Can’t wait to get back, there’s already a growing list of what we didn’t see. Or eat.

Violet in Sperry Top Siders

More Loving Memories

Two years ago, I lost a good friend of mine. The world lost an amazing person. She would have been 30. Would have been.
What I’ve noticed is that over time, I feel Hannah’s absence more acutely. Every once in a while I will get the urge to call her, tell her something funny and just catch up on life. When this happens, I lose her all over again.

Instead I dip into my suitcase full of memories – jumping on our dorm room beds signing Rascal Flats at the top of our lungs, her giving me a ride home from my 21st birthday dinner and long phone conversations. And then I daydream about what she might be doing now or what she might say or what advice she would give me. It’s imperfect but it’s all I’ve got. And for those of us who have lost those that we love, it’s all any of us have.

The one thing I know for sure, Hannah would tell me to cheer up, be grateful for my life and enjoy it. So my darling, I will do just that.

Violet in Born Adele flats

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oh, hello. by violet

Yes, clearly there have been gaps in my blogging. But this last time I have a reason. JP and I went on a vacation. Sandwiched between two weddings, we spent the week in San Francisco.

Don’t worry I’ll tell you all about every detail but for now I just want to say hi. I’m alive.