Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ma Kai

For several years now, Marination Mobile has been making a name for itself on the Seattle food truck scene.  I first tried it at the Mobile Chow Down Part 2. For a long time, I was afraid of their SPAM slider but a soon saw the error of my ways when they opened the non-mobile Marination Station. 
And now Marination has arrived in West Seattle with Marination Ma Kai. It's right on Alki where the water taxi lands and you can rent yourself a stand up paddle board or a kayak. Marination Ma Kai brings everything you can get from the truck and some new options as well, including breakfast items and shave ice (I looked it up, it's shave ice, not shaved so this is not just a typo/my typical grammar fail). 
Never one to pass up a SPAM slider JP and I made sure to hit the place up on its sunny opening weekend. 
First off, I appreciate spelling out exactly what Ma Kai means right off the bat.  Thank you for answering my question before I even had a chance to ask. 
Second, on this beautiful sunny Saturday, you realize what an amazing location they have which includes a beautiful view of downtown Seattle and plenty of indoor and outdoor seating (which is missing from Marination Station).
Ordering seemed to take a little while because the people ahead of us were Marination rookies, asking a lot of questions about what was what and specialty orders for the kids they had in tow. Despite this extra time, I was patient because first, welcome to the Marination fan club, second even if you order tacos without the jalapenos, kudos for exposing your kid to this, third it was nowhere near as long as we waited at the Mobile Chow Down.
I was tempted by the kimchi fried rice but I could not resist the power of the SPAM slider and I didn’t think I could really take on both since I had a cupcake for breakfast and I would later have queso and guacamole for dinner (it was a fat kid weekend, what do you want from me?!). So I got an Aloha (kalua pork) and SPAM slider. JP got three tacos, one kalbi beef, miso ginger chicken and spicy pork and one Aloha slider for him too. 
I’m very happy to report that everything that made me fall in love with Marination has easily crossed Elliot Bay to West Seattle. With these great island flavors, sweet location and shave ice this summer, I don’t think that we will see short wait times for very much longer. 

 Violet in my customized Duck Nike ID sneakers

Friday, October 12, 2012

Good Stuff

I don’t know about you but I tend to suck at follow through. I’m really good with coming up with ideas, grand plans and master schemes.  The whole making it happen thing? That’s a different story. 
I tend to be excited at the beginning and a few weeks down the road I let something slip because I’m busy or I just don’t feel like doing it right now. Then it all goes to hell.  I feel guilty, beat myself up and get back on the bandwagon or come up with a new master plan and start the same process all over again. See: working out, eating healthy, spending more time with friends, calling my family, pretty much every New Year’s resolution ever. 

When this blog first started, I wasn’t even here. Orange and her friend started it as a way to compare their married and single lives. When the original violet wasn’t so into the idea any more, I gladly stepped in to lend my voice. And it was fun. I loved sharing the stories of what was going on in my life, meals I was making and places I was going. 
And I did ok by myself for a while, letting that enthusiasm carry me. Things went pretty sideways when I really started planning the wedding. In 2012, I’ve barely logged one post per month. 
But lately I’ve been taking pictures of things, thinking of posts some even getting so far as half written but they never really seemed to find their way here. So I’m going to take that as a sign that it’s time to come back. 
So what am I saying?  There’s going to be good stuff here.  Hang in there with me.   
Violet in Corso Como Adma