Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We’ll always (sort of) have Paris. by violet

We were supposed to go to Paris. We were going to spend Christmas Eve at a French bistro sipping champagne. We were going to eat falafel at a stand recommended to us by two different people, have chocolate croissants for breakfast every morning and drink espresso. I was going to spend WAY too much money on some fabulous statement Paris piece. I was going to eat enough cheese and bread to… I don’t even know what. And, if you asked me, which everyone did, there was no way no how JP and I were coming back engaged.

HA! Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.

A huge snow storm hit Western Europe. And the thought of spending Christmas on the floor at Heathrow Airport didn’t seem all that appealing. So we changed plans and took a LONG drive down to California from Seattle.

And JP had a surprise waiting for me – a proposal and his great grandmother’s ring.

Showing off the ring
I was stunned and overwhelmed. And said yes. We spent the next few days sharing the wonderful news with family and friends. The outpouring of love and support is kind of amazing. JP and I have such wonderful friends and family and honestly it is one of the reasons he and I work so well together.

One of my favorite pictures of us.  Ever. 
JP and I have spent the last four years building an amazing life together. I could not be more thrilled that we will spend the next however many more sharing our lives together.

Skiing at Mt Hood

So here to say it better than I ever could is the Old 97s

In New York
She woke from a dream
Her head was on fire
Why was he so nervous?

It's almost too cute
He took her to the park
She crossed her arms
And lowered her eyelids

On the ferry to Vashon
Some day somebody’s gonna ask you
A question that you should say yes to
Once in your life
Maybe tonight I’ve got a question for you

Go Hawks!
She’s had no idea
Started to cry
She said in a good way

Photos from Erin B's wedding

He took her by the hand
Walked her back home
They took the long way

So very New York hipster

Some day somebody’s gonna ask you
A question that you should say yes to
Once in your life

Maybe tonight I’ve got a questions for you.

Violet in Asics Ultimate


  1. I'm so glad Joe got rid of the mustache....

    Congratulations you two! So excited for you. :)

  2. Seriously, I know I'm a sap and all, but this made me teary. Very happy for two of my favorite people in the world.


  3. love, love the pictures!!! and what a great post. yay for the kate joe engagement!

  4. Cutest couple ever. Congrats Violet xoxo