Friday, December 3, 2010

Go Ducks. by violet

The first time I fell in love I was just barely 18. We are not talking about a high school crush. Or the kind of love where you date someone for a few months and figure out you aren’t right for each other and generally move on with your life. I am talking about life-altering, no turning back love.

It was the day I attended my first football game at Autzen Stadium. And my life would never be the same.

That’s right, I feel in love with a football team.

I know what you are saying. You fell in love with a football team? You can’t compare romantic, soul mate love to what you feel for a football team. But I know in my heart of hearts that I have loved few people the way that I love this team. Becuase it’s not just the team, it’s a school, a place in time that is all wrapped up and represented by this team.While I was in college the team represented the possibility that life held. After, the team has come to represent the most amazing consecutive four years of my life.

So don’t call me callous or insensitive or crazy.

I once spent 7 hours waiting in line for tickets to a game where is rained the entire time, often sideways. All said and done, it caused me 12 hours of discomfort. But all totally worth it. (FYI Civil War 2001)

I have been with this team as it reached the highest of highs – on the back of Dennis Dixon and on the arm of Joey Harrington - and the lowest of lows – having it all taken away with a knee injury and a blocked punt against Stanford.

This season has been special. After all the horrible offseason antics and the talk about how this team was just a thug quarterback, we have won game after game after game. And I have been a thrilled, blissed-out, stress case the entire time.

And tonight, as my beloved Ducks get ready to play the game that just may put them in the National Title game tomorrow, sure I’m nervous. And I likely will get as much sleep as a kid on Christmas Eve. I will root so hard tomorrow but I also know that should the unthinkable (God forbid) happen tomorrow that I will shed only one single tear. Hold my head high and start talking about next year. Because that is what true love is.

Should we win, I will jump and shout, knowing that the victory is made all the more sweeter by the memories that have come before. Because that is what true love is.

 And now, the only thing I can say (yell, until my lungs hurt) is, GO DUCKS!

Violet in Report Monroe in grey

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Living Like a Local. by violet

There’s nothing that makes you feel more like a local like have people come to town. This past weekend JP’s aunt and uncle came to visit from California and along with JP’s sister Liz we have the pleasure of playing tour guide.

Since this is JP’s family the trip centered on food – Friday night was a trip to one of my favorite Seattle restaurants Matt’s in the Market. What I love about Matt’s is that it is so very Seattle. It is literally a part of the Pike Place Market; the large windows look out to the Market’s famous sign with the Puget Sound in the background. In addition, that’s where most of the food is from – meaning that it’s local and fresh – two very Seattle qualities. On this stormy fall evening it was a warm respite from the wet streets below. In the summer they throw open the windows and let in the breeze off the water.

Before we could dig in to the culinary treats Matt had to offer, we had drinks next door at Chez Shea, an elegant French Bistro right next door.

where Liz introduced me to a French 75 which now tops the list of my favorite cocktails.

Matt’s, didn’t disappoint. My oxtail gnocchi was delicious but I was pretty jealous of the lamb that Nida ordered.

The next day we stopped at Red Hook for lunch. Honestly, I was pretty wrapped up in the Oregon v Washington game and didn’t notice much else. JP successfully prevented me from getting into a fight so I would say lunch was good.

We headed over to Chateau Ste Michelle for wine tasting which we somehow managed to miss during our last trip out to WA wine country. The grounds at St. Michele are beautiful. The grey skies served as wonderful background for the changing fall leaves. And as the Ducks pulled away from the Huskies I very much enjoyed our tasting.

We headed back for naps before our dinner at La Spiga. The rain was in full effect by then, so there was no wandering around the neighborhood beforehand.

La Spiga was hopping that night – full of mid-thirties power couples and a parade of gorgeous fall boots. Since the weather had been so crummy, I was in the mood for some down-home comfort food. The classic Tagliatelle with beef ragu delivered just that. I polished it off feeling very much warmed from the inside out. Though I was pretty jealous of the lasagnas at the table. Maybe I’ll get that next time.

Continuing on our theme of quintessential Seattle, we took our out-of-towners to the Ballard Farmer’s Market on Sunday morning, where the sun came out

The Ballard Farmer’s Market is overwhelming to the senses - children and dogs running around, fruits and veggies spilling onto tables, the scent of mini donuts in the air. There’s almost too much to choose from. But clearly the mini donuts were not to be missed.

Thanks to Rob and Nida for the lovely weekend, we hope Seattle treated you well.

Violet in Born black boots

Monday, November 1, 2010

Six Down. None to Go.

The end is here! Really there’s not a lot left to do but curl up into a ball on my sofa and not leave the house until 2011 (if only!).

Last and certainly not least was Eric and MaKenzie’s bash at Edgefield outside of Portland.

Eric and Kenz have been together exactly as long as JP and I. It was Kim and Dan’s Halloween party nearly four years ago. Kenz, who was still living down in Portland, decided to come up and visit me for the weekend.

I have a distinct memory of driving with Kenz giving her the run-down of who was going to be there that night at the party and when I mentioned Eric her face light up.

I totally called her out and made a small wager with her and I was a WINNER. Four years later it was more than a little incredible to watch them get married.

Thursday night was an Oregon Duck themed rehearsal dinner to watch the UCLA v Oregon game and eat entirely too many tater tots. Yum.

The happy couple

This was followed by cigars and whiskey. At the bar we met a thoroughly entertaining guy who was a batter inspector – no kidding.

The batter inspector

Me and Shelby with whiskey

The next day was an early start for hair and makeup. The salon where we got our hair done was so adorable I could hardly stand it. And I could not have been more pleased with how my hair turned out. Thanks so much, Magnum Opus!

And honestly it was the most on-time and organized wedding I have ever been a part of. The girls had a great time getting ready.

Me and Kelly B getting ready

Kim and me
 The bride even did all of our makeup. I was recruited as the false eyelash installer.

Cousin Kelly getting her make up done by the bride

Kenz, Kim and I have become pretty dedicated false lash users, once the other ladies saw the results, pretty soon, the two Kelly bridesmaids and the mother of the bride wanted them too.

Almost ready

Pretty quickly it was time for photos. Luckily the weather held off and we got some shots outside. The wedding party had an extra half an hour before the ceremony started. So what is a group of people surrounded by multiple bars? Shots. Obviously.

We lined up with plenty of time for the ceremony to start. Revered Dan did a great job with the ceremony. It brought out the personalities of both the bride and the groom. And was wonderfully short.

After a thanksgiving feast it was time to get the party started. The DJ was playing the jams and we did our best to keep up.

Bride and Bryan

Shelby, Stacy with me and Taiece

Amy and Steven

Me and Tess - getting tough


We even danced so hard that Ray unplugged the speakers.

Kenz and Eric, we had such a wonderful time celebrating with you guys. You planned and hosted a wonderful event. I wish you all the best as you start your life together.

Violet in Hush Puppies Hatties in black

Monday, October 18, 2010

Five Down. One to go. By violet.

It’s getting down to the wire with the weddings. Five of six was one of my close friends Miss Lindsay. Lindasy is a sorority sister from college. She and I lived together the year before I moved in with JP.

Go Ducks!

Back in the day, Jessica, me, Lindsay and Melissa
The best way to describe Lindasy is that she is one classy dame. She might come across as a little reserved but you get to know her a little bit, she’s got a spunky sense of humor and could likely drink you under the table. At the same time she’s incredibly well-mannered, will go out of her way to not put you out. She’s been a great friend to me in both good times and bad. And to top it all off, she’s got a great sense of style that never does her wrong.

Triple threat birthday party - Linds, Taiece and Gunjan
When she started dating Neil, it seemed like a good match from the start. He’s got one of the coolest jobs around, shares Lindsay’s love of animals and consistently hilarious. And when he proposed to Linds, I could not have been happier for the two of them.

New Year's last year

I knew that their wedding would be a good time. And it certainly was.

The day of, Tess came up from Portland and stayed with JP and me which may or may not have had a little something to do with us running late. I knew if anyone’s wedding was going to start on time it would be Lindsay’s.

Luckily we made it with a few minutes to spare even which is good because the ceremony was a quick one.

I know all brides are beautiful but there’s something about one of your good friends standing at the top of that aisle. Just tugs at your heart strings in a different way.

The beautiful bride
Then it was time to chow down.

And get down. And get down we did.

The DJ was playing the jams

EC was getting into the groove

Ray leading the party

The groom getting down with the ladies

Get it done Jeff Gibb!

Shake your groove thing

Lindsay, you are one classy dame. It truly meant the world to me to be a part of this day. Neil you have one special lady and I know that you will take care of her. Congrats you guys, I wish you all the best.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Four Down. Two to Go. By violet

We turned the corner on weddings with JP’s cousin Courtney’s bash back in San Louis. It felt like déjà vu to be back in San Luis just a month after Erin’s wedding.

The first thing you should know about the bride and the groom know how to get down. The groom, Brad, works at Marston’s on the main drag of downtown. So they can bring it.

Once we got down to San Luis, we met up with some of JP’s family that was in town. His cousin Scott, brother of the bride was in from Oklahoma. He cracked me up the whole weekend.

Liz, the bride (cousin Courtney), Scott, the groom (Brad) and JP
Friday night was a meet and greet at Marston’s. I was my chance to meet some of the JP’s family, including the bride (!) and catch up with those I hadn’t seen in a while.

Saturday we spent wandering around downtown, but really it was too hot to do much more than duck in and out of air conditioned shops.

We rode a really cool trolley out to Spanish Oaks Ranch for the ceremony and reception.

The ranch was beautiful – rolling hills with a great view of sunset.

The bride was stunning. And the groomsmen we cracking me up – the highlight was getting the rings out of a Cracker Jack box.

Love this photo of father and daughter

As the sun went down the party heated up - Liz and I shut down the dance floor. Also genius flip flops for everyone.  My feet certainly thanked the bride and groom for that party favor!

The cousins
 On the way home, I even got to spend a little time with this lovely young lady which always cheers me up when I’m feeling blue. And there was also In-n-Out burger to put a smile on my face as well.


Courtney and Brad, thanks so much for inviting us to be a part of your special day. It was a most excellent party.

Classic JP
 Next up, you’ll hear all about Lindsay and Neil, just as soon as JP processes the over 700 photos he took from the event.

Do you think I could get another piece of cake?

Violet in Jessica Simpson "Jessica" pump in ivory patent

ps Photos with the white borders are JP's.  Without are mine.  Notice the difference?