Monday, November 1, 2010

Six Down. None to Go.

The end is here! Really there’s not a lot left to do but curl up into a ball on my sofa and not leave the house until 2011 (if only!).

Last and certainly not least was Eric and MaKenzie’s bash at Edgefield outside of Portland.

Eric and Kenz have been together exactly as long as JP and I. It was Kim and Dan’s Halloween party nearly four years ago. Kenz, who was still living down in Portland, decided to come up and visit me for the weekend.

I have a distinct memory of driving with Kenz giving her the run-down of who was going to be there that night at the party and when I mentioned Eric her face light up.

I totally called her out and made a small wager with her and I was a WINNER. Four years later it was more than a little incredible to watch them get married.

Thursday night was an Oregon Duck themed rehearsal dinner to watch the UCLA v Oregon game and eat entirely too many tater tots. Yum.

The happy couple

This was followed by cigars and whiskey. At the bar we met a thoroughly entertaining guy who was a batter inspector – no kidding.

The batter inspector

Me and Shelby with whiskey

The next day was an early start for hair and makeup. The salon where we got our hair done was so adorable I could hardly stand it. And I could not have been more pleased with how my hair turned out. Thanks so much, Magnum Opus!

And honestly it was the most on-time and organized wedding I have ever been a part of. The girls had a great time getting ready.

Me and Kelly B getting ready

Kim and me
 The bride even did all of our makeup. I was recruited as the false eyelash installer.

Cousin Kelly getting her make up done by the bride

Kenz, Kim and I have become pretty dedicated false lash users, once the other ladies saw the results, pretty soon, the two Kelly bridesmaids and the mother of the bride wanted them too.

Almost ready

Pretty quickly it was time for photos. Luckily the weather held off and we got some shots outside. The wedding party had an extra half an hour before the ceremony started. So what is a group of people surrounded by multiple bars? Shots. Obviously.

We lined up with plenty of time for the ceremony to start. Revered Dan did a great job with the ceremony. It brought out the personalities of both the bride and the groom. And was wonderfully short.

After a thanksgiving feast it was time to get the party started. The DJ was playing the jams and we did our best to keep up.

Bride and Bryan

Shelby, Stacy with me and Taiece

Amy and Steven

Me and Tess - getting tough


We even danced so hard that Ray unplugged the speakers.

Kenz and Eric, we had such a wonderful time celebrating with you guys. You planned and hosted a wonderful event. I wish you all the best as you start your life together.

Violet in Hush Puppies Hatties in black

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