Sunday, June 28, 2009

weekend at the nail salon. by orange

This past weekend I decided to treat my feet and hands to a mani/pedi at the new salon down the street from me...huge hit!!

1) the salon is brand new, so it's clean inside and has wonderful massaging chairs

2) with the big grand opening everything was 20% grand total: $28! for mani and pedi

3) found a new OPI color i'm very happy with..."bright lights, big color"

4) the ladies did an extremely thorough job - more so than even the pricer salons

perfect sunday. perfect mani/pedi.

What I love about "bright lights, big color" is the gold shimmer throughout the polish. When the sun hits the color, it just lights up! My pictures show this color as kind of a plain orange but it's a tinge more on the pink coral side of orange.

did I really?!? by orange.

violet and I are huge fans of the "Really?!?! with Seth and Amy" skit done on SNL weekend update. here is a taste of the skit:

so in honor of our love for this segment we are kicking off a new blog section called:

"did I really?!?"

well this past week i had one of those moments, when i took a good look at myself in the mirror and pondered..."did I really?!?" you may be wondering what catalyzed this thought. well i took an oversized bright yellow v-neck tee shirt and tied one of the bottom corners in a knot - 80s style. so i thought "did I really just tie a knot in the bottom of my shirt??! like I did so many times when I was roughly age 10??! ....really??!!"

well i think it worked. and i didn't need the help of this:

it was more a combo of

with the departure of Amy Poehler, here is a peek at the Really?!? segment with just Seth. pretty fantastic.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

15 minute gourmet. by violet.

so, it's been a long few weeks. busy busy busy- work is insane (right, orange?), crush is still a crush, summer time activities are in full swing... shoot. i am wiped out. so tonight i came home wanting one thing: a quiet night, a good dinner and a glass of wine. or a bottle.

luckily, this past weekend, i bought a basil plant from Trader Joe's. it's sitting in the window, looking fresh and smelling amazing. so, i grabbed some mozzarella and roma tomatoes and made the easiest meal on the face of the planet- all the while feeling like a supremely gourmet modern woman!

just snip 8-10 basil leaves from your pretty little plant.
slice 4-5 wedges of mozzarella.
cut up 2 roma tomatoes to match the cheese slices.
drizzle equal parts balsamic vinegar and olive oil to lightly soak the fresh salad.
sprinkle lemon pepper, sea salt and voila!

the 15-minute gourmet CAPRESE SALAD!

top off with a glass of Sinner’s Punch (courtesy of crush-extraordinaire) and a little girl time with Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte.

let the evening commence. cheers!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

date night. by orange

So the husband and I tend to both work a lot, which unfortunately means during the week we don't get to see each other as much as we would like. So we decided that a date night on a school night was absolutely necessary. There are so many fun things to do on a date night...captured below are some of my favorites that I've recently heard of, thought of, etc.

What's your favorite date night activity?

1) cooking a meal together...possibly this recipe: last minute lasagna

2) eatting take-out together by candlelight

3) going kayaking together and then eatting at agua verde (in seattle)

4) having a picnic together at one of many local city parks

5) the office or 30 rock marathon

Thursday, June 18, 2009

bar i like: Quinn's Pub. by violet.

so, it's true. i just might have the biggest crush in the history of all my crushes (which is quite extensive). because it is so new, i don't want to jinx it by spilling all the details... but i will say that last night was the best date yet! it could have been the bottle of Chateau Ste Michelle chardonnay he bought (which we all know is my weakness) or the bouquet of daisies he had on the bookshelf or shoot, just being near him… but this pub also made for a wonderful night.

Quinn’s Pub is on E Pike in Capitol Hill, a neighborhood i don’t explore often enough. but after last night’s experience, i know i will be going back for sure! as soon as we walked in, we were completely enchanted by the dim lighting and the sound of the Fleet Foxes playing. it just got better as we found a little pocket at the end of the bar and ordered a couple of IPAs and some small dishes. the menu is a unique, exotic take on gastropub-style. we enjoyed the mussels and chorizo, the asparagus salad and the fried oyster sliders and spent the majority of the meal planning what we would order next time. the bartenders are wonderful, the atmosphere is ideal and hands down, it is THE perfect date spot.

so, be sure to visit and order a plate of the mussels! you will not be disappointed.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

young love vs. seasoned love. by orange and violet

Falling in love and being in love are two seperate things, but each fabulous in their own way. Well, good news - violet is involved in what I like to refer to as "young love" while orange and the husband are in "seasoned love" - in that, well we are married and have been together for 3+ years, thus are in love and will be in love for a very, very long time.

So here are some of our favorite aspects about young and seasoned love. What do you think?


1. No longer counting time in episodes of Sex and the City, but by when you get to see him again.

2. Daydreaming. Make-out flashbacks, the goodnight phone conversation from the night before, the way he smells, picturing tomorrow and this summer and next year and the holidays…

3. The damn battle inside your own head- to daydream or not, just in case it all goes away tomorrow? The fight is exhausting, but that buzz is addicting.

4. The moments when you realize that you’ve been smiling at the computer for 45 minutes after his latest cute email.

5. Watching the development of us. Little inside jokes, favorite songs, making plans together, meeting the family, learning his favorite microbrew… on and on.


1. Cuddle buddy for life and you have your best friend in the whole wide world to wake up to each morning.

2. Telepathy: you can pretty well guess what the other wants to say or is thinking in certain situations. Having words, looks, touches that have special meaning due to knowing each other inside and out.

3. Knowing that even though you get into a fight or disagreement, you will work it out together once the steam blows off

4. Bed Bath & Beyond, Pier 1, Pottery Barn (i wish!), Crate & Barrell, Home Depot: making a home together - sofa, dogs, fences, etc. (well the dogs came from the rescue...)

5. When you see an old couple holding hands you think - this will be us vs. i want that!

Monday, June 15, 2009

nail tricks. by orange

as everyone knows, both orange and violet love a good manicure. well for the last few weeks i have been trying DIY manicures. so far it's worked out...ok. however, i've learned some tricks along the way that i thought i'd share.

1) putting nail polish in the refridgerator makes the polish less goopy and more smooth.

2) when waiting for the polish to dry, do not blow on your fingers - it will create lots of little bubbles in the polish.

3) i find that using nail clippers on the hang nails, dry cuticles, etc works better than the nail nippers.

4) i like blue nail polish! (well especially OPI's Teal the Cows Come Home)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

happy birthday violet! by orange

happy birthday violet!  today our dear violet turns 27.  

i found the perfect birthday present on one of our favorite blogs: rockstar diaries. it is one of the most beautiful things i've had my ear listen to in awhile.

*** the mp3 of this will soon be available!  check out jon schmidt's website.

additionally, in the spirit of rockstar diaries here are 10 things about violet that make orange terribly happy:

1. how you make spaces "home" (for example your double-wide cube)
2. your love of the manicure
3. the amazing devotion you have to family and friends
4. the funny, goofy sounds you can make to add spice to any story
5. the random acts of kindness you do Every Day!
6. your big smile
7. your ability to make any situation fun
8. the fantastic "lauren conrad" braid you rock (especially when you make friends in a bar bathroom because of it)
9. the colorful assortment of pens you have at your desk
10. your child-like heart/spirit of "let's do anything!"

Thursday, June 11, 2009

breezy target. by orange

i heart Target. who doesn't? especially when you can find a fun shirt, accessory or purse for a fantastic price! well one of my most recent trips to target brought home a few goodies. which i of course displayed at work this week. here's what i love about some of the finds:

- sunglasses: already lost my NYC sunglasses :(. these provide me some solice.
- shirt: fun coral color (works for the pale peeps) and a nice breezy, light feeling to it

target sunglasses (couldn't find exact ones...but close)
target merona tunic
lucky jeans
michael kors silver flats
ann taylor rhinestone necklace (i was surprised too!  ann taylor!  who knew?)

what do you love most about target?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

embrace the white. by orange

every may/june i have to be reminded of my skin. my pale, white, see-thru skin that does not tan. i affectionately refer to my tone as "albino." the clouds start disappearing, the sun peeks out, and the temperature rises. what does all this make me want to do?! strip down! strip down to shorts and tees and tanks that is. well one problem. the white ass legs.

in college i referred to them as my white lights. i would lead the pack of girls from our dorm to the gym at night and say "don't worry - just follow the white lights!" awesome.

now i know you may be thinking - go to a tanning bed! do a spray tan! try a new tanning lotion! let's be clear here - i've tried and tried. and most don't go over that well.
  • tanning bed - ouch! i burn in a heartbeat.
  • spray tan - did it, felt like i was in a police lineup and looked like i was molting upon spray tan departing my skin.
  • tanning lotion - don't love the smell and am always anxious about the knees and elbows!
well, this summer is going to be different. i am embracing the white-ness. out of the millions of celebrities, there are actually a few (okay three that I can count) who also embrace their hot paleness. check it out.

now maybe they still look good with the paleness as they all have long, skinny legs as well (tough life!)...but alas i'm feeling empowered by these pale lassies.

what do you think of the pale leg phenomena? (yes, i called it a phenomena: i'm bringing on the pale!)

Monday, June 8, 2009

day drinking. by orange AND violet.

orange violet ransacked Safeco field on Saturday afternoon. nothing says summer like day drinking at a baseball game! lesson-learned: here's a sure-fire way to be in bed by 9 pm on a saturday night:

1. crack open a bud light by 10:30 am.

2. find a beer garden.

3. have approximately 7-10 more by the 8th inning of a baseball game.

4. find a rooftop deck.

5. consume more beer.

done and done. at least we managed to bring summertime to an overcast Saturday baseball game in Seattle!!

orange: necklace is the fantastic Juicy Couture; shirt is Gap; sun glasses are an NYC souvenir by Ralph Lauren.

violet: tank top is Forever 21; cardigan is Isaac Mizrahi for Target; sunglasses are THE Jessica Simpson find previously noted.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

10 happys. by orange

things that make me happy (outside of the husband):

1) slipping into clean sheets
2) big bear hugs
3) the feeling of "hell yes!" upon finishing a long run
4) a pant that doesn't wrinkle easy
5) grape tomatoes
6) drinking corona with a lime on a sunny patio
7) belly hurting, tear producing, silent laughter
8) theme parties
9) laying in bed, listening to the rain drops on the skylight and windows
10) clipping the price tags off a new purchase

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

summer concerts are the new black. by violet.

there really isn't much better than seeing your favorite musician perform under the stars on a hot summer night, cold beer in hand, swaying back and forth... it is the quintessential summer experience! Seattle has amazing line-ups for the millions of great venues and festivals this season- it's been quite the chore to narrow it down between Bumbershoot, the Gorge, Zoo Tunes, White River, Chateau Ste Michelle, Marymoor, on and on... but I've managed. Here are the top 3 I WILL attend in all their summer glory:

1. Every since I was little, my parents used to blast "Nick of Time" on road trips and to this day- I know all the words to every single Bonnie Raitt song. She is my music idol. She is a blues goddess. I cannot wait for this show with Taj Mahal!!! Labor Day weekend at Chateau Ste Michelle winery, general admission is only $50. If you've never been to a show there, it is a MUST. You walk in, throw a blanket down, buy a few bottles of their wine, enjoy a picnic, watch the sunset and MAGIC happens.

2. A few summers ago, I hit my very first country fest at Qwest Field- Kenny Chesney, Sugarland, Sara Evans, Brooks and Dunn and me, in a cowboy hat. I was completely enamored with the crowd, the performers, the sunset, the beer, everything! This summer will be a repeat performance of sorts with Kenny and friends and I cannot wait! August 1st, Qwest. $20 for nosebleed and $50 for second-place nosebleed. Let me tell you, it doesn't even matter how far away you are. It's all about the atmosphere! And Sugarland live might just change your life.

3. Seattle's most popular music festival, Bumbershoot, happens Labor Day Weekend as well. I'm having a moral dillema, as Raphael Saadiq (my current music crush) is also performing on Sunday, September 6th, same as Bonnie. What's a girl to do? Luckily, Bumbershoot's line up is jam-packed with stellar artists like Eric Hutchinson, Brett Dennen, Low vs Diamond, Franz Ferdinand, local fave Handful of Luvin', and the best funk/soul band ever: Black Joe Lewis & The Honey Bears. I think I'll be ok.

So, Seattle. Get out there, pick some good shows to hit and I'll see you there!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Work Day Song. by orange

Ever wake up and not want to go to work? Yes, shockingly it happens!! Well this morning I was in that pleasant mood and was surprised when a song shook it right out of me (or at least until I sat down at my desk and viewed my inbox). The song was...

Mat Kearney - Fire and Rain (from his NEW album: City of Black and White)

Click here to listen to part of the song from Go to #9 and you can get a taste.

Click on this video to see Mat talk about three songs from the new album. The chat about 'Fire and Rain' starts at about 0:52 or so. Hearing him talk some about the song makes the lyrics come to life.

Fire and Rain Lyrics

I heard you were back in town,
I heard you were coming 'round,
Trying to get off the ground,
From every road you went down,

I walked down to your street,
I could still feel the old heat,
If you're burning on empty,
I'll be holding a golden ring,

Cause hey hey they don't know you like I do,
I'd wait for the whole world to show you,
Maybe we're not,
Not that gone,

Do you ever think about me,
Do you ever call my name,
Ask me now I'll give you the reasons,
My love will not fade,
Through the fire and rain,
The fire and rain,

I'll meet you half way,
If you're coming the long,
Don't care what the people say,
Of the prodigal runaway,

Cause hey hey they don't know you like I do,
I'd wait for the whole world to show you,
Maybe we're not,
Not that gone,

Do you ever think about me,
Do you ever call my name,
Ask me now I'll give you the reasons,
My love will not fade,
Through the fire and rain,
The fire and rain,

You said goodbye I'm gone,
Oh it hurts to hold on,
If you settled your score,
(and you know and you know),
Pick you up off the floor,

Do you ever think about me,
Do you ever call my name,
Ask me now I'll give you the reasons,
My love,
Do you ever think about me,
Do you ever call my name,
Ask me now I'll give you the reasons,
My love will not fade,
Through the fire and rain,
The fire and rain,
Through the fire and rain,
The fire and rain.

thank you husband for introducing me to the song!