Sunday, June 28, 2009

did I really?!? by orange.

violet and I are huge fans of the "Really?!?! with Seth and Amy" skit done on SNL weekend update. here is a taste of the skit:

so in honor of our love for this segment we are kicking off a new blog section called:

"did I really?!?"

well this past week i had one of those moments, when i took a good look at myself in the mirror and pondered..."did I really?!?" you may be wondering what catalyzed this thought. well i took an oversized bright yellow v-neck tee shirt and tied one of the bottom corners in a knot - 80s style. so i thought "did I really just tie a knot in the bottom of my shirt??! like I did so many times when I was roughly age 10??! ....really??!!"

well i think it worked. and i didn't need the help of this:

it was more a combo of

with the departure of Amy Poehler, here is a peek at the Really?!? segment with just Seth. pretty fantastic.

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