Sunday, June 28, 2009

weekend at the nail salon. by orange

This past weekend I decided to treat my feet and hands to a mani/pedi at the new salon down the street from me...huge hit!!

1) the salon is brand new, so it's clean inside and has wonderful massaging chairs

2) with the big grand opening everything was 20% grand total: $28! for mani and pedi

3) found a new OPI color i'm very happy with..."bright lights, big color"

4) the ladies did an extremely thorough job - more so than even the pricer salons

perfect sunday. perfect mani/pedi.

What I love about "bright lights, big color" is the gold shimmer throughout the polish. When the sun hits the color, it just lights up! My pictures show this color as kind of a plain orange but it's a tinge more on the pink coral side of orange.

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