Wednesday, July 1, 2009

gotta love hangovers. by violet.

admittedly, i have seen The Hangover twice. yep... TWICE. frankly, i can't wait for the third time, because i know i missed some amazing one-liners. i am a little bit obsessed with vulgar boy movies, not to mention a HUGE Apatow fan- so it felt appropriate to pay tribute to my favorite foul-mouthed comedies.

what are your favorites?

“this plan's been f***ed since Jump Street.”

1. superbad. michael cera, jonah hill. there are not enough words to describe how much i crave watching these 2 in action. from seth’s endless obsession with jules and well, sex, to evan’s perfect comedic timing and his killer dialogue, this movie is hands down #1 on my list.

“you hear that, Ben? don’t let him near the kid, he wants to rear your child!”

2. knocked-up. it’s the best of both worlds- girls appreciate the sentimental parts, as rare as they are, and we all want to be Katherine Heigl. the boys get crude jokes and they get to stare at Katherine Heigl. win-win!

“just a couple of wolves roaming in the desert looking for strippers and cocaine.”

3. the hangover. as i mentioned, i WILL see this again. Zach Galifianakis plays Alan (Fat Jesus) and i swear to God, every time he laughs, i laugh. he is one infectious dude. i can’t believe i have never seen him before- apparently his stand-up is equally as amazing. see this movie, along with every other 20 and 30-something in the country, and you will jump on The Hangover train.

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