Wednesday, July 8, 2009

cold turkey. by orange

With being part of a blog, comes a lot of blog sleuthing. And wow can hours just seep by with no notice. Earlier this week I was deep in some blog perusing and came across a couple posts about a shopping hiatus. Well ladies and gentlemen I will be taking on my own shopping hiatus:

operation fat wallet, skinny closet

My inspiration is from two lovely ladies: Joslyn {Simple Lovely Blog} and Rachel {Heart of Light Blog}. Joslyn actually had a support group of many ladies going on a 12-week shopping hiatus while Rachel just did it {amazingly!} by herself. Joslyn's rules were basically: do not buy anything non-essential.

Non-essential and 12-weeks are a bit too aggressive for me so here are my relatively simple rules:

1. no clothes
2. no shoes
3. no jewelry
4. no handbags
5. none of the above until Labor Day {Sept 7th}.

gulp. Yep my stomach just did some major churning while writing out all of these no-nos.

My reasons for this crazy under-taking:

1. I would be highly impressed with myself for completing this.
2. The husband would be highly impressed with me for completing this...he has some interesting thoughts on this plan of mine {more on this in another post}.
3. I do spend a lot of my hard earned money on clothes, etc - perhaps I will learn some lessons through these next couple weeks to taper that in the future.
4. Saving money! Who doesn't want to do that.

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