Wednesday, July 15, 2009

week 1 - fat wallet, skinny closet. by orange

week 1. (the mission)

not as hard as I thought!

possibly because I still got to go shopping, for household items (which is just as fun!). I went to IKEA and was Shocked at all the good stuff they currently have. I think IKEA is a perfect place to visit ~ 2-3 times a year. that way, whenever you go (if you space those trips out) they have a whole new stock of things to look at. in addition to all the new items, I was thrilled at some of their sale items! I've also been spending a decent amount of time at the nearby Pier1. Here are my favorite purchases from these trips:

Andrup Rug - IKEA: $29.99!

9-Clip Window Wall Frame - Pier 1: $28! (we now finally have wedding pictures up in our house!)

the week did get a little rough when I visited the local West Seattle Summerfest. I came across two adorable booths - one with wall paper collages, another with darling jewelry. I guess technically I could buy one of the wall paper collages as it doesn't fit into the "don't go there" categories...but I did not indulge. The earrings that I was so enamored with were these little circle pendant earrings. They had a lime green background with a bright orange dove in the center of the cirle. Beautiful! And made by a local artist - even better. Of the two booths, one has a website, the other is on etsy. Check them out:

Rebekah J. Designs (earrings):

Lonjina K. Verdugo (collage artwork): or

This was the piece of artwork I was pining after at the summerfest:

Circles 2

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