Monday, July 6, 2009

orange paint! by orange

If you've been reading the blog you know that violet and I love decorating and re-decorating. Whether it be a new pillow, a new throw rug, a chalkboard wall or a new duvet. Well this weekend with the upcoming Seattle stay-cation the husband and I decided to purchase a new duvet (yay!!!) and some paint. Here are the grand purchases!

For the bedroom:

  1. Marimekko Tamburiini Duvet
  2. Patrice Sheets

  1. Behr "startling orange" paint
  2. Inspirational photo

With the paint kick, the husband and I talked up many ideas for using chalkboard paint. Here is what we decided on: a chalkboard large frame in our "family/hang out" room. Kind of like this photo:

Basically, we will paint part of our large wall with tinted green chalkboard paint, then buy or make a white frame to fit around the painted area. We are thinking about a 4x6 ft chalkboard area...

So we of course bought some of this:

Today we are working on putting all of this together! I'll show pictures once it is complete - cross your fingers!

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