Thursday, April 30, 2009

baseball season. by living in sin

We are very excited to introduce - living in sin! She is our friend living in the middle between single life and married life. And as you might gander from her "screen name" she is currently living with the boyfriend. You will be seeing glorious posts from living in sin here and there.


My mother is a very wise woman. She has given me about a million little jewels of advice over the years and I’ve managed to remember a few of them.

One of which is that every year right around the time that baseball season starts men start to go a little haywire.

Now before I go any further I would like to lay out a few qualifiers. The first of which is, this piece of advice was probably given to me during a time the boy I had followed around lovesick had decided I wasn’t worthy to lick his spikes. So it was clearly designed to make me feel a little bit better about this fact.

The second is, before my current and wonderful boyfriend and all the other men in my life throw their arms up in disgust, I think this applies to women as much as it does to men. But I digress…

It’s really the theory about catching spring fever. Girls start to wear short skirts and suddenly the dude that was hanging on your every word all winter can’t be bothered to return a phone call. Point is once the bats come out dudes get restless- they get that itch.

They are reminded of the possibility life once had. The season is full of promise - new players, a clean slate to wipe away the last years long, hard slog. It teases men with the idea that this is The Year. This is the year their team wins the pennant, their favorite player bats 400 and the manager finally trades away the bum in center. That maybe they could date someone just a little bit better. Not that anyone could possibly be better than you, so let’s say someone shiny and new.

How could you not get caught up in the allure?

Hell, the Mariners are leading the American League West – anything is possible.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

good karma. by violet.

lake chelan has long been a favorite summer destination of my family's. now that our aunt and uncle have a (gorgeous) home there, we frequent the area more than usual. we've discovered the best way to spend Saturdays is to jump from vineyard to vineyard and do what the locals call WINE TASTING. my aunt has become quite the expert in all things Chelan wine, so luckily, i've been able to taste some unbelievable wines.

the favorite, thus far, hails from Karma Vineyards. their 2006 cabernet sauvignon has hints of cherry and black currant and completely wins in my book. i opened a bottle tonight and whoops! there goes my evening. it was THAT good.

check out this family-owned, newish vineyard to the Napa of the Northwest and add this grape to your own good karma.

bad ass runner. by orange

As mentioned earlier in the blog, I have signed up for two 1/2 marathons this year.  To get me psyched up for the one this weekend...

You know you are a bad ass, hardcore runner when:

1) you buy shoes for the fit - not the style
2) you buy shoes specifically for running, and running only
3) you run in the rain, the snow and the wind - all at once
4) you feel the need to spit while running
5) co-workers ask: "hey do you run?  I think I saw you out running the other day"
6) you get up every saturday morning to start running at 9am
7) you blog about running
8) you want to watch "Chariots of Fire" instead of the latest new release movie
9) you have a running schedule - typed out
10) you run through the pain

dedicated to my running crew.  we are bad ass and hard core.


music to my ears. by violet

sunroof open, sunglasses on, iced americano in hand, windows down. this scenario DEMANDS music worthy of a summer day in Seattle. here are a few of my must-have albums for the sunshine and all the glory that comes along with it:
legend, bob marely. one of my all-time I LOVE THIS SONGS lives here ("Waiting in Vain") and i don't think any other artist can create summer through music quite like this man can.

lady antebellum. country pop, i know i know i know. but this whole album is packed with such fun songs, songs that you can learn after just 2 listens. and who doesn't love to sing at the top of your lungs? not to mention "Lookin' for a Good Time" might just be the single lady anthem of the summer.
vampire weekend. these boys fresh out of Columbia University make geeky sound good. real good. their songs are quirky, brilliant, with a little calypso here and a little reggae there, a splash of "Afro/preppy/new-wave combination" (thank you Pitchfork) and you have one hell of a summer soundtrack.
lady gaga. so, the girl is BIZARRE. i admit it. really? blonde bow tie? but. i caved, bought her cd and holy hell. i love it. she is gwen-meets-fergie-meets-kylie-meets-pop heaven. go ahead, take a listen.
david bowie's greatest hits. i didn't realize how freaking amazing all of his songs are. this is road trip material, beach-worthy, iPod shuffle, you name it. just add "China Girl" and feel the sunshine on your face.

tell us- what belongs on your summer soundtrack?

nyc fashion! by orange

So with NYC right around the corner I've been wondering - what in the world am I going to pack?! There are a couple factors to consider:

1) the days will probably be slightly warm, 60-70 degrees, however then it cools down at night - layering?
2) as I've n
ever been to NYC before we'll be running around al ot - comfy shoes a must, however must still be stylish
3) i have heard that NYC can be a bit more dressy than Seattle, what a surprise...(kidding). - bring dresses to go out at night?
4) NYC is the fashion capital of the US - i've gotta get my inner fashionista out.
5) with running around so much - need to bring a purse that is convenient to carry/haul over my shoulder
6) I'm there for 7 days, 6 nights, a decent chunk of time - need to pack efficiently!

So here are some of my thoughts...

perfect blazer for layering up - it's wool, from jcrew and is a very bright yellow spring color.

necklaces are always a fun and easy way to spruce up an outfit - maybe I'll bring some of my more funky jewelry to add some juice to a casual all day walking outfit.

from the Erickson Beamon collection for Target

also from my favorite - Target - the Maybelle ballet skimmer. extremely comfy (which I was suprised by) but still cute.

i love me some splendid tops. they are always so soft and keep their shape! i have a few, kind of similar to this striped top, except long sleeve. i think they will be another good shirt to bring for layering. and mine are in bright colors - pink, orange and purple. yes, once i find a basic shirt i love - i buy a few.

who knows? i may have a run in with sexy back justin as he is spending a lot of time in NYC these days...i don't want to be caught without my william rast jeans! i have a pair that i shortened (as i'm not a 5'10 model) so they'll be perfect with flats.

i don't own this exact bag, but one very similar by hobo international. a yellow - spring (or fall) bag that has a long strap so it can fit right over your shoulder for optimum "both hands free for shopping" :)

nyc - here i come!

Monday, April 27, 2009

the closet. by orange

One of the big upsides of dating/marrying the husband is the house we bought together. Specifically a certain closet in our house. This closet (pictured below) looks like any regular linen closet. It is in the upstairs landing, directly across from our master bedroom. Well when I saw the closet, I thought something entirely different than linens....

a shoe closet! ta-dah!

I picked out a few of my favorites...

pink with white piping heel - target
white/silver flat - target
orange leather flat - mia (nordstrom)
green wedge - keds (nordstrom)

black studded ankle boot - steve madden (nordstrom)
black patent leather/wood platform heel - michael kors (nordstrom)
gold/beige heel - oh deer (online shoes)

so if you ever get the complaint you have too many shoes by a significant other...just point them to this blog post and they should feel better :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

sitting room. by orange

This weekend was peppered with some going out time with friends. On Saturday night I ventured into the Queen Anne area of Seattle to a lovely little wine bar called The Sitting Room. I was plesantly surprised with the rosy ambiance, decor (full with globes of the world - some even lit up) and a good balance of different types of drinks and yummy apps. Very different from the crowd normally going out in that area to the likes of Ozzies (ie frat zone).

While there I sipped on a peach bellini and caught up with a friend that I studied abroad with way back when. Meaning - I could actually hear her in this bar - a big plus as in some bars I find shouting is necessary.

I really enjoyed this write up of the spot...taken from "Comfort by the Glass" by Paul Gregutt (writer for Seattle Times)

"this little jewel of a place is the brainchild of Michael Uetz and Myriam Guillemin. She's French, he's a self-professed café lover who wanted to bring a slice of the café lifestyle back home after an extended visit to France.

The Sitting Room is lit like a bat cave, with a romantic interior that scrambles together plush chairs, comfy sofas and intimate two-tops. There's a good-sized bar where Myriam holds sway, and an excellent assortment of Euro beers, lambic ales and ciders.

Over on the wine side, the choices are short and engaging; a half dozen or so whites, an equal number of reds, and carafes of the house pours. Everything costs $6 or $7, and samples are yours for the asking if you aren't quite certain what you are in the mood for."

Go out and try it and let us know what you think!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

to match or not to match? by violet.

every time i turn on the tv, i see the ad telling me: "it's ok to look" . they're everywhere. my personal favorite is the one with the cute painter wearing torn jeans that is practically begging me to pose for him. or how about one starring the geeky-looking guy with the shy smile i can vividly imagine sharing my life with... obviously, these eligible bachelors make me stand up and pay attention. i've even devoted a few hours one evening to a little online shopping (code word for browsing hundreds of profiles). but, the question begs to be answered honestly and with much consideration... is it really ok to look?

there are several perspectives on the concept of online dating. in some crowds, it's a curse word. however, in other crowds, its the modern-day take on When Harry Met Sally. Only this Harry found his Sally on rather than on a backwards double date. personally, i'm torn. i'll admit, i've had 2 incredibly short and failed attempts at e-dating. this last time, a colleague at work challenged me to go on 20 dates in one month and i made it to 16... with no good second dates or any party favors. i was even accosted in a taxi cab. it was a bust. but when that month was compared to other months i’ve had, at least i wasn’t standing in the upstairs of Ozzie’s wondering why no drunk 23 year old frat boy was hitting on an old dame like myself and why i hated my romantic life so much. you see the issue?

so, i break my perspective into 2 parts: 1, it's a lot of work, a lot of emails, a lot of nerves, a lot of money and a lot of bad dates. not to mention, there is something to be said for truly connecting with someone when you are able to look in their eyes. chemistry, i believe it's called. you can tell a lot by the way you interact, the way he looks at you, body language, etc… i hesitate to say this, but no matter how well he describes his passions in an email or the way he says hello on the phone, it’s easier to assess the staying power of a date when you can actually SEE your date. please suspend your “don’t judge a book by its cover” rebuttals, it’s not that at all. i just want to reiterate the importance of that certain something you feel when you meet someone face-to-face.

and then there’s 2… why the hell not? given all the hassles and butterflies in the tummy, i would be up for a few good Happy Hours, a few good dates, a few new friends...i think at this point, i'm open to taking a chance! and shoot. if i meet someone and we fall in love along the way...? i'd be happy with that result.

stay tuned...

Monday, April 20, 2009

marrieds v. mariners. by orange

as mentioned in a previous post - to celebrate the end of tax season 2009, the marrieds headed out to a ball game.

here is right when we arrived...

however...then this happenend.
are these evidence that we do not get out enough?

rut ro

yes, i am hugging myself with my new blue warm fuzzy mariners sweatshirt.

***pictures provided by mr. joseph pisano. pls. inquire for his services.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

typical sunday. by orange

so i mentioned in a previous post i was hoping for naps and movies this sunday; well i got one of those.

here is the sunday rundown:

slept nice. no this is not the husband and i. we don't have nearly as nice pjs.

pilates - sadly i did not look this good.

nap time! after an 1hr long pilates session, it happened immediately upon arriving home.
why don't we have official nap time during the week?

it was spring cleaning time! again, sadly, this is the not the husband and i. they are way too cheery about house cleaning to be us.

yes, i am reading twilight. i feel a tad sheepish in mentioning this.

a concerted attempt at studying (i'm taking a class to become a pHR - "professional in HR")

this studying left me...well...napping again. oops!

another attempt at studying

still made me nap.

to cap the day off - some working. ick.

ummm...i napped 3 times today! in addition to sleeping in. hmmm....

Saturday, April 18, 2009

running an uphill battle. by orange

let me tell you - the husband definitely changed one thing about me. i now just detest running, rather than hating running. i feel that hate is a stronger word then detest. funny how when you are in a serious relationship likes/dislikes start to cross back and forth between the two of you.

the husband, is a triathlete - i didn't even know how to spell that word before i met him. and i still might have it wrong. anyway, he's crazy. he's done more than one handful of 1/2 iron-mans which include a ridiculously long swim, something like a 50+ mile bike ride and then to top it off, a 1/2 marathon - all in one day! i've watched one of his iron mans (same day we got engaged mind you) and it is intense. needless to say my 1/2 hour on the bike or 1/2 hour on the elipitcal felt just a tad lame in comparison.

thus new years 2008 i had a feeling of - maybe i should do something wacky - maybe start to run...maybe a 1/2 marathon! and let's be very clear here, prior to this epiphany i hated running. i would rather do any other sort of workout than running. and to be honest i probably didn't have endurance to run more than a mile. (and sadly, i thought i was in decent "shape" at that time). so i emailed some girlfriends - and off we set, to do a 1/2 marathon. crazy how that happens. of course i had to buy some cute running clothes and new shoes to keep me engaged along the way. which btw - buying "running" shoes does not make running any easier! i was highly disappointed when i laced up my new sneaks and found - wow running is still hard.

fast forward a year and a few months - a couple friends and i are gearing up to do not one, but TWO 1/2 marathons this year. one is in 2 weeks, the other is on the 1st wedding anniversary for yours truly (june 27th).

today was another long run...9.5mi to be exact. my running partner that is my same speed was down in portland, so i was running with my two other girlfriends. at about mile 6, my running mate wasn't feeling too hot and had to walk. which left me stranded. that sounds worse than it actually was but let me tell you - running by yourself is painful! painful!! at least for me. i need someone to swear at, someone to complain to, someone to talk to, etc. this is mainly the reason why running is still on the detest list...

next year i'm thinking - olympic triathlon in hawaii (thru team in training). i'm becoming even more of my husband.

these are people swimming during the triathlon in hawaii...looks pretty relaxing from this vantage point...too bad they still have a bike ride and a run afterwards! :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

a "crazy" week for the marrieds. by orange

sit down and buckle up. the husband and I are on a roll of going out. I think once you hit a certain age, or maybe it just occurs to people like me who can nap at anytime - going "out" only happens about once a week. well this week/weekend - the husband and i will be venturing "out" 3 times - yes I said 3. here is the scoop:

Wednesday night: yes on a school night! the husband is a crazy tax accountant, thus he has been working many many hours for the last 2-3 months. to celebrate the coming and going of tax day/april 15th - a bunch of friends and us went out to the mariner's game. and they won! something crazy like 11-3. well let me tell you - we celebrated not only with beers at pryamid after work, but with more beers, more hotdogs and more fries that night. the only bummer of the night - i forgot that april nights are still chilly - a short sleeve jacket will just not cut it. thus, i have a new mariner's zip up sweatshirt in my closet.

Friday night: we are headed out with another couple for sushi, drinks and comedy. sushi and jello shots (yes they sell jello shots) will be at Nijo near Pike's Place Market. comedy will be at Comedy Underground. we shall see how funny it is.

Saturday night: yes, two nights in a row! i sound old or what? we will be headed to our new favorite place in West Seattle - The Beveridge Place. we haven't decided quite yet if we will tow along Meika as dogs are allowed. this place is a perfect date spot - drinks, can bring in food OR order take out while there, board games galore and comfortable seating.

all this activity will make sunday a rest day for sure. i'm imagining movies and naps.