Monday, April 13, 2009

a felicity easter. by orange

ever watch felicity? i loved that show, so much so, that I own all seasons on dvd. yes, i'm kind of a loser like that. but it was soo good!! all the drama between felicity, noel and ben... well one of my favorite episodes is freshmen year when the whole group decided to have a thanksgiving feast together instead of traveling home to spend it with their families. this was also the famous episode where noel and felicity make out...while his girlfriend is there - so scandolous. i digress.

this easter i felt was a felicity easter - a friend invited a group of us over to eat, drink and be merry. it was a great way to get together, catch up, relax and enjoy each other's company. we dined on some of the below yumminess:

green eggs & ham - rachel ray style

fruit salad - tossed by yours truly. gotta love fresh mango!!

delicous orzo pasta salad


  1. OMG (yes I typed OMG which makes me a pre-teen girl) I ADORE Felicity. When I broke up with my last boyfriend do you know what I watched? The entire run of Felicity start to finish. The episode where she cheats on Ben with Noel?! I die. P.S- I heart Javier