Tuesday, April 14, 2009

cowboy take me away. by violet

it’s only Tuesday and i already have a very bad case of the mid-week blues! disclaimer: i love my job i love my job i love my job. BUT it’s Tuesday!! and it’s kind of sunny! i can't help it.

in true orange violet fashion, i have created my very own laundry list of PLEASE MAY I GO HEREs. cause really- we're all about fostering the make believe worlds floating through our heads!

Sayulita, Mexico. never been, but i know people. and they’ve been. and along with this picture, that is all the convincing i need.

since mexico is far away, i’ll take the back patio of El Camino in Fremont. preferably with a tall, charming and romantic accessory. shoot, a date, alright? i’d like to be on a date.

Eclipse Bookstore, Bellingham. hands down, my favorite place to spend a rainy day. i smells like cedar, you can see the bay from the deck and there is a beautiful collection of old books in the front of the shop. i even found a first-edition copy of “grapes of wrath” tucked away in the piles. my dad was very happy come Christmas morning!

i have a crazy weird hankering for a campfire. not just a little backyard escapade, but a real- honest-to-god-beer-in-hand-friends-circling-up-roasting-marshmallows-kind of fire. preferably in Eastern Washington, the night before a concert at the The Gorge. sidenote- their line-up sucks this year.
i’m not embarrassed to admit this last one. not even a little. but, i wish i wasn’t finished with Twilight so I can curl up on the god forsaken bus and head home. by the way, if you’re at all an obsessed pre-teen like myself, you’ll be happy to know this girl has THE BEST Twilight gossip and updates. just saying…

now. tell us- where would you rather be?

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