Thursday, April 30, 2009

baseball season. by living in sin

We are very excited to introduce - living in sin! She is our friend living in the middle between single life and married life. And as you might gander from her "screen name" she is currently living with the boyfriend. You will be seeing glorious posts from living in sin here and there.


My mother is a very wise woman. She has given me about a million little jewels of advice over the years and I’ve managed to remember a few of them.

One of which is that every year right around the time that baseball season starts men start to go a little haywire.

Now before I go any further I would like to lay out a few qualifiers. The first of which is, this piece of advice was probably given to me during a time the boy I had followed around lovesick had decided I wasn’t worthy to lick his spikes. So it was clearly designed to make me feel a little bit better about this fact.

The second is, before my current and wonderful boyfriend and all the other men in my life throw their arms up in disgust, I think this applies to women as much as it does to men. But I digress…

It’s really the theory about catching spring fever. Girls start to wear short skirts and suddenly the dude that was hanging on your every word all winter can’t be bothered to return a phone call. Point is once the bats come out dudes get restless- they get that itch.

They are reminded of the possibility life once had. The season is full of promise - new players, a clean slate to wipe away the last years long, hard slog. It teases men with the idea that this is The Year. This is the year their team wins the pennant, their favorite player bats 400 and the manager finally trades away the bum in center. That maybe they could date someone just a little bit better. Not that anyone could possibly be better than you, so let’s say someone shiny and new.

How could you not get caught up in the allure?

Hell, the Mariners are leading the American League West – anything is possible.

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