Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ghosts of boyfriends past. by violet

Isn't strange how boys have the 6th sense. When you think you are over someone or just to the point of feeling "i'm happy i'm single" some ex-boyfriend or crush from the past gives you a call, a text, or an email. Sometimes it can bring a momentary flush, sometimes a flitter in your stomach, sometimes a stomach drop.

If you are in a long relationship with someone - they usually end up becoming your best friend, at least during the moment. When you break up, not only do you lose your "in a relationship" status, you lose your best friend. Once you get over the initial heart break or sadness usually there are happy memories that tend to surface. When you do get that random reach out - sometimes it just brings a smile to your face. Is it bad when those happy memories cover all the reasons why you broke up in the first place? Is that when second chances happen?

Just the thoughts of today.

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