Saturday, April 18, 2009

running an uphill battle. by orange

let me tell you - the husband definitely changed one thing about me. i now just detest running, rather than hating running. i feel that hate is a stronger word then detest. funny how when you are in a serious relationship likes/dislikes start to cross back and forth between the two of you.

the husband, is a triathlete - i didn't even know how to spell that word before i met him. and i still might have it wrong. anyway, he's crazy. he's done more than one handful of 1/2 iron-mans which include a ridiculously long swim, something like a 50+ mile bike ride and then to top it off, a 1/2 marathon - all in one day! i've watched one of his iron mans (same day we got engaged mind you) and it is intense. needless to say my 1/2 hour on the bike or 1/2 hour on the elipitcal felt just a tad lame in comparison.

thus new years 2008 i had a feeling of - maybe i should do something wacky - maybe start to run...maybe a 1/2 marathon! and let's be very clear here, prior to this epiphany i hated running. i would rather do any other sort of workout than running. and to be honest i probably didn't have endurance to run more than a mile. (and sadly, i thought i was in decent "shape" at that time). so i emailed some girlfriends - and off we set, to do a 1/2 marathon. crazy how that happens. of course i had to buy some cute running clothes and new shoes to keep me engaged along the way. which btw - buying "running" shoes does not make running any easier! i was highly disappointed when i laced up my new sneaks and found - wow running is still hard.

fast forward a year and a few months - a couple friends and i are gearing up to do not one, but TWO 1/2 marathons this year. one is in 2 weeks, the other is on the 1st wedding anniversary for yours truly (june 27th).

today was another long run...9.5mi to be exact. my running partner that is my same speed was down in portland, so i was running with my two other girlfriends. at about mile 6, my running mate wasn't feeling too hot and had to walk. which left me stranded. that sounds worse than it actually was but let me tell you - running by yourself is painful! painful!! at least for me. i need someone to swear at, someone to complain to, someone to talk to, etc. this is mainly the reason why running is still on the detest list...

next year i'm thinking - olympic triathlon in hawaii (thru team in training). i'm becoming even more of my husband.

these are people swimming during the triathlon in hawaii...looks pretty relaxing from this vantage point...too bad they still have a bike ride and a run afterwards! :)


  1. Oh I feel your pain Orange. I have a 1/2 marathon on 5/9 and it's been quite a challenge getting to this point. Keep up the hard work, I know it'll be worth it in the end!


  2. I'll be seeing you at the Marathon in June - Rock n Roll! So good ot hear seomone else is having as challenging of a time training for it as I am. 9.5 miles? That is should alreayd be so proud of yourself!