Sunday, April 26, 2009

sitting room. by orange

This weekend was peppered with some going out time with friends. On Saturday night I ventured into the Queen Anne area of Seattle to a lovely little wine bar called The Sitting Room. I was plesantly surprised with the rosy ambiance, decor (full with globes of the world - some even lit up) and a good balance of different types of drinks and yummy apps. Very different from the crowd normally going out in that area to the likes of Ozzies (ie frat zone).

While there I sipped on a peach bellini and caught up with a friend that I studied abroad with way back when. Meaning - I could actually hear her in this bar - a big plus as in some bars I find shouting is necessary.

I really enjoyed this write up of the spot...taken from "Comfort by the Glass" by Paul Gregutt (writer for Seattle Times)

"this little jewel of a place is the brainchild of Michael Uetz and Myriam Guillemin. She's French, he's a self-professed café lover who wanted to bring a slice of the café lifestyle back home after an extended visit to France.

The Sitting Room is lit like a bat cave, with a romantic interior that scrambles together plush chairs, comfy sofas and intimate two-tops. There's a good-sized bar where Myriam holds sway, and an excellent assortment of Euro beers, lambic ales and ciders.

Over on the wine side, the choices are short and engaging; a half dozen or so whites, an equal number of reds, and carafes of the house pours. Everything costs $6 or $7, and samples are yours for the asking if you aren't quite certain what you are in the mood for."

Go out and try it and let us know what you think!

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