Friday, April 17, 2009

a "crazy" week for the marrieds. by orange

sit down and buckle up. the husband and I are on a roll of going out. I think once you hit a certain age, or maybe it just occurs to people like me who can nap at anytime - going "out" only happens about once a week. well this week/weekend - the husband and i will be venturing "out" 3 times - yes I said 3. here is the scoop:

Wednesday night: yes on a school night! the husband is a crazy tax accountant, thus he has been working many many hours for the last 2-3 months. to celebrate the coming and going of tax day/april 15th - a bunch of friends and us went out to the mariner's game. and they won! something crazy like 11-3. well let me tell you - we celebrated not only with beers at pryamid after work, but with more beers, more hotdogs and more fries that night. the only bummer of the night - i forgot that april nights are still chilly - a short sleeve jacket will just not cut it. thus, i have a new mariner's zip up sweatshirt in my closet.

Friday night: we are headed out with another couple for sushi, drinks and comedy. sushi and jello shots (yes they sell jello shots) will be at Nijo near Pike's Place Market. comedy will be at Comedy Underground. we shall see how funny it is.

Saturday night: yes, two nights in a row! i sound old or what? we will be headed to our new favorite place in West Seattle - The Beveridge Place. we haven't decided quite yet if we will tow along Meika as dogs are allowed. this place is a perfect date spot - drinks, can bring in food OR order take out while there, board games galore and comfortable seating.

all this activity will make sunday a rest day for sure. i'm imagining movies and naps.

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