Sunday, April 12, 2009

spring? by orange

here is what seattle looks like today:

lovely isn't it?  totally spring.  kidding.  here is what I need today to remind me it really is spring!

birthday flowers - the perfect easter color mix.  gotta love the penny trick - plop in a penny or two into the water and the tulips' stems stay straight...

my new potted friend - I believe some sort of cactus plant that I hope to not kill within a few weeks of owning.  I've named it Chester.


  1. It's a succulent. :) You only need to water it once or twice a week and it doesn't need a ton of light. Also, if the leaves break off, you can put it in the soil and it will regrow! :)

  2. do you think it'll die since i've been watering it every day? it'll be the like the goldfish i killed within a day due to over feeding it! yikes!

    i named it Chester in honor of your you gave me this lovely plant.