Sunday, April 19, 2009

typical sunday. by orange

so i mentioned in a previous post i was hoping for naps and movies this sunday; well i got one of those.

here is the sunday rundown:

slept nice. no this is not the husband and i. we don't have nearly as nice pjs.

pilates - sadly i did not look this good.

nap time! after an 1hr long pilates session, it happened immediately upon arriving home.
why don't we have official nap time during the week?

it was spring cleaning time! again, sadly, this is the not the husband and i. they are way too cheery about house cleaning to be us.

yes, i am reading twilight. i feel a tad sheepish in mentioning this.

a concerted attempt at studying (i'm taking a class to become a pHR - "professional in HR")

this studying left me...well...napping again. oops!

another attempt at studying

still made me nap.

to cap the day off - some working. ick.

ummm...i napped 3 times today! in addition to sleeping in. hmmm....

1 comment:

  1. I sleep just like that couple in the heart except my pajamas aren't satin...and I don't have someone taking my phot above my bed...and I sleep alone. So I guess it looks like a broken heart (cue sad violin music and Saved By the Bell audience "Awwwwww").