Thursday, September 16, 2010

I heart fall. by violet

Although I love sunshine as much as the next California girl, fall is by far my favorite season.  The weather gets cooler, the leaves start to turn and suddenly there’s just a bounce in my step.  I feel like I should be heading to my 9:00 a.m. econ class instead of work. Friends start to gather inside around fire places while sipping on beers. Rainy Saturday nights are romantic with a movie and a bottle of wine.  Here are just a few of the tons of reasons that love fall.  
Football: I bleed green and yellow. My Saturdays are spoken for from now until hopefully at some point next year. Go Ducks!

Halloween: I love coming up with a costume, searching thrifts stores all to watch it come together in a flurry of glitter and fake eyelashes. Which reminds me, I need to start thinking about what I’m going to be this year? Sadly, no couple costumes.

The food: Pumpkin everything, rich hearty meals typically involving cheese, carbs and hearty meats which means it’s all delicious.

The fashion: Plaid, herringbone, grey, purple, men’s wear, layers, chunky sweaters, over-the-knee boots everything I love.

The weather: There’s nothing like a cool, crisp fall day to make me feel like I should be running through an apple orchard. I also love a good rainy Sunday to curl up on the coach drinking hot tea and watching movies without feeling like you are missing anything then falling asleep to the sound of rain on the roof.

TV: It’s all back and this TV addict couldn’t be happier. Community, 30 Rock, The Office, Parenthood, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The League, How I Met Your Mother, GLEE, Modern Family, Dancing with the Stars, Parks and Recreation, and that's not even including the new shows.

Back to school shopping: Even though I’m years out of school it’s like Pavlov’s dog, every September I head back to the department stores for a wardrobe update and Staples for fun office supplies to make life in a cube a little more bearable. Something about spiffy file folders makes the work inside them seem more tolerable.

Violet in Ugg Cozy Knit slippers in brown

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What happens in Vegas (sorta) stays in Vegas. by violet

This past weekend nine of my closest friends descended on the city of Las Vegas to celebrate the impending marriage of our Lindsay.

I’ve never been the biggest fan of Vegas. It’s crowded, expensive and completely and utterly ridiculous in every capacity. But, yet, somehow I also love it. Vegas doesn’t give a s**t what you think of it. Vegas is Vegas and if you can’t hang then stay home. So obviously this is the best place to celebrate one of our own’s impending nuptuials.

We stayed at the Planet Hollywood Towers which was a surprise because I was pretty sure that the Planet Hollywood franchise had gone out of business. But the hotel was actually awesome. Our suites were amazing.

Orange and I started the weekend off by hitting up the pool in the remaining hours of sunshine on our first day. You could say that our odd Seattle summer had left us starving for some sunshine.

Our first dinner was at Koi. I was very much looking forward to dinner, I’d heard a lot about it. I think my expectations were too high for Koi. It didn’t quite deliver what I had hoped for.

Side note, you thought getting one woman out of the house on time was difficult, try 10. It was amazing we got anywhere.

We danced our first night away at Studio 54. But it kind of made me feel old, everyone seemed to be 21 or 22. In fact, one of our girls was told she, “looked pretty good for 28.” Excuse me? What exactly did you think 28-year-olds looked like? Wilford Brimley?

We needed some serious breakfast the next day to get over the trauma. Sometimes, chicken and waffles is the only thing that can make you feel better.

After more quality time at the pool and an epic Duck win, we trekked over the Palms for dinner at Simon and to hit the clubs. Simon rocked my world. The décor was modern, desert that seemed to take a page from Palm Springs. It looked out over the pool and we even got a show with a few guests throwing tp out their windows. It was oddly, really pretty blowing in the wind and getting caught up in the palm trees.

The food was delicious, the mac and cheese was to die (in my best Rachel Zoe voice). And the cotton candy that was larger than your head was a whimsical way to end a wonderful meal. We told our favorite stories about the bride and laughed until our sides hurt.

But there was VIP access to be had at both Ghost Bar and Moon. Ghost Bar had amazing views of the strip and some of the best people watching in town. At Moon we managed to pull some stings and we hooked up with bottle services (thanks, again guys). We sang and danced our hearts out.

Then, sadly, it was time to head back to reality. But Shelby said it best at dinner, you have to be a pretty special person to get nine women to drop everything to celebrate in Vegas. And Lindsay, my dear, you certainly are.

Violet in Oh Deer! orange and gold pumps (and my feet are killing me)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Three Down, Three to Go. by violet

It’s official; I’m half way through the weddings for the year. We made it through the back to back Erin’s. This past weekend was J.P.’s friend Erin’s wedding here in Seattle.

We hosted bridesmaid Alexis and her boyfriend John for the weekend as well. They were wonderful houseguests and we had an action packed weekend, we even managed to squeeze in a Mariner’s game (which amazingly enough, they won).

The ceremony was at the Seattle University chapel and the reception down on the Seattle water front at Pier 67, Bell Harbor Conference Center.

Although it rained during the day, it cleared up by the time to reception started making for a beautiful sunset down on the water.
You should know, Kevin and Erin are both dentists – so as the wedding favor they bride and groom gave everyone toothbrushes and floss – great right?

Thanks for coming to our wedding. Don't forget to floss. 

We partied a little bit harder at this wedding, than the one last week. We were definitely busting a move on the dance floor. There were some hilarious maneuvers. The DJ was spinning the hits.

Alexis and John are going to kill me. 
Doing the twist
Dancin' with Sam
But after all the traveling and an action packed weekend, I’ve come down with a cold. So I’m trying to fight it off with my usual tricks because I’m off to Vegas on Friday. Wish me luck.

J.P. and I. Don't Stop Believin'.  Might be my favorite photo of us.  Ever.

Violet in Ugg Cozy Knit slippers in brown

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Two down four to go (Part 2)

The wedding was at the Dana Powers House in Nimpo – just south down 101 from Pismo. It’s a beautiful Victorian house with a barn that served as the reception hall.

It ended up being a beautiful day – with just a little bit of wind. Erin looked amazing. The highlight of the ceremony was when Erin walked down the aisle the groom, Mark, immediately started to cry. It was just the sweetest moment.

Although the reception was technically in a barn it’s kind of a misnomer. It was way classier than that – no cows or hay anywhere in sight – although it was a dirt floor.

The food was utterly delicious, probably some of the best wedding food I’ve ever had. Down-home BBQ with and upscale twist that matched the venue and the décor perfectly. That and the margaritas were tangy and strong. That always makes me happy.

The music was a great mix of old and new that kept people on the dance floor. The matron of honor gave probably the best speech at a wedding I’ve ever seen – she blew up photos of her and Erin starting back from 4th grade and has the other bridesmaids carry them around the place like ring girls. It was funny and touching and so full of love it was pretty much ruined all other toasts – great job Mary!

The highlight was the photo booth, J.P. and hit it up at least a couple of times. There were lots of great little touches that really made it a great event.

So thanks to Erin and her family for including me and J.P. in their wonderful day, a great time was had by all.

Violet in Steven Madden Tuscaan

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Two down four to go (Part One). by violet

This past weekend J.P. and I were in San Luis Obispo the second of our six weddings this year.

Erin is my oldest friend. We met when I was 2 and she was 3 because our 6-year old brothers had bonded a summer day camp. I remember my time spent with Erin as filled with laughter and silliness. Something about hanging out with Erin was a recipe to get the giggles. I also remember being very jealous of her because she had a Snoopy son-cone maker.

We only went to the same school for one year out of our whole entire childhood, so it’s kind of amazing they we remained friends. After junior high we kind of drifted apart, more held together by family events and random holiday get-togethers. I should say her that her parents are amazing - her dad Gordon has one of the best laughs of all time and her mom was my confirmation sponsor when I was 13 and has always been incredible.

When I got her wedding invitation earlier this year I was a little bit overwhelmed by the thought. I was touched that she would think to include me in her special day. And although it added to an already busy summer I decided that I needed to be there, no matter what.

So J.P. and I traveled down to the Bay and to met up with my parents to drive the additional three hours to San Luis (somehow I had managed to live 18 years in California without making down there).  And guess where we stopped along the way?

The most delicious fast food burger ever.

Upon arrival I instantly knew what I was missing. We stayed at the most amazing hotel in Pismo (about 20 minutes away from San Luis) Dolphin Bay Resort. Our room had this incredibly view of the water and the staff continued to go out of their way to make our stay even better.

Although the wedding was the main event, we managed to get in a whole slew of other fun activities, including horseback riding on the beach. Full disclosure, I did fall off the horse. Not to worry, I’m ok, all digits intact.

There was also a tour of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, shopping in downtown, biking and walks along the beach and J.P.’s first game of Scrabble.

I’ll give you all an update on the actual wedding soon but for now

Violet in Bridgeport Blue classic Toms