Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Three Down, Three to Go. by violet

It’s official; I’m half way through the weddings for the year. We made it through the back to back Erin’s. This past weekend was J.P.’s friend Erin’s wedding here in Seattle.

We hosted bridesmaid Alexis and her boyfriend John for the weekend as well. They were wonderful houseguests and we had an action packed weekend, we even managed to squeeze in a Mariner’s game (which amazingly enough, they won).

The ceremony was at the Seattle University chapel and the reception down on the Seattle water front at Pier 67, Bell Harbor Conference Center.

Although it rained during the day, it cleared up by the time to reception started making for a beautiful sunset down on the water.
You should know, Kevin and Erin are both dentists – so as the wedding favor they bride and groom gave everyone toothbrushes and floss – great right?

Thanks for coming to our wedding. Don't forget to floss. 

We partied a little bit harder at this wedding, than the one last week. We were definitely busting a move on the dance floor. There were some hilarious maneuvers. The DJ was spinning the hits.

Alexis and John are going to kill me. 
Doing the twist
Dancin' with Sam
But after all the traveling and an action packed weekend, I’ve come down with a cold. So I’m trying to fight it off with my usual tricks because I’m off to Vegas on Friday. Wish me luck.

J.P. and I. Don't Stop Believin'.  Might be my favorite photo of us.  Ever.

Violet in Ugg Cozy Knit slippers in brown


  1. I hear ya sister! We have made it through 3 consecutive weekends of weddings and are gearing up for the 4th consecutive this weekend. I am exhausted!

    6 total for the year down, and one more in October! Whew! keep those dogs from barkin' and drink lots of tea ;)

  2. And yes, that is a great photo of you and JP ;)