Thursday, September 2, 2010

Two down four to go (Part 2)

The wedding was at the Dana Powers House in Nimpo – just south down 101 from Pismo. It’s a beautiful Victorian house with a barn that served as the reception hall.

It ended up being a beautiful day – with just a little bit of wind. Erin looked amazing. The highlight of the ceremony was when Erin walked down the aisle the groom, Mark, immediately started to cry. It was just the sweetest moment.

Although the reception was technically in a barn it’s kind of a misnomer. It was way classier than that – no cows or hay anywhere in sight – although it was a dirt floor.

The food was utterly delicious, probably some of the best wedding food I’ve ever had. Down-home BBQ with and upscale twist that matched the venue and the décor perfectly. That and the margaritas were tangy and strong. That always makes me happy.

The music was a great mix of old and new that kept people on the dance floor. The matron of honor gave probably the best speech at a wedding I’ve ever seen – she blew up photos of her and Erin starting back from 4th grade and has the other bridesmaids carry them around the place like ring girls. It was funny and touching and so full of love it was pretty much ruined all other toasts – great job Mary!

The highlight was the photo booth, J.P. and hit it up at least a couple of times. There were lots of great little touches that really made it a great event.

So thanks to Erin and her family for including me and J.P. in their wonderful day, a great time was had by all.

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