Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What happens in Vegas (sorta) stays in Vegas. by violet

This past weekend nine of my closest friends descended on the city of Las Vegas to celebrate the impending marriage of our Lindsay.

I’ve never been the biggest fan of Vegas. It’s crowded, expensive and completely and utterly ridiculous in every capacity. But, yet, somehow I also love it. Vegas doesn’t give a s**t what you think of it. Vegas is Vegas and if you can’t hang then stay home. So obviously this is the best place to celebrate one of our own’s impending nuptuials.

We stayed at the Planet Hollywood Towers which was a surprise because I was pretty sure that the Planet Hollywood franchise had gone out of business. But the hotel was actually awesome. Our suites were amazing.

Orange and I started the weekend off by hitting up the pool in the remaining hours of sunshine on our first day. You could say that our odd Seattle summer had left us starving for some sunshine.

Our first dinner was at Koi. I was very much looking forward to dinner, I’d heard a lot about it. I think my expectations were too high for Koi. It didn’t quite deliver what I had hoped for.

Side note, you thought getting one woman out of the house on time was difficult, try 10. It was amazing we got anywhere.

We danced our first night away at Studio 54. But it kind of made me feel old, everyone seemed to be 21 or 22. In fact, one of our girls was told she, “looked pretty good for 28.” Excuse me? What exactly did you think 28-year-olds looked like? Wilford Brimley?

We needed some serious breakfast the next day to get over the trauma. Sometimes, chicken and waffles is the only thing that can make you feel better.

After more quality time at the pool and an epic Duck win, we trekked over the Palms for dinner at Simon and to hit the clubs. Simon rocked my world. The décor was modern, desert that seemed to take a page from Palm Springs. It looked out over the pool and we even got a show with a few guests throwing tp out their windows. It was oddly, really pretty blowing in the wind and getting caught up in the palm trees.

The food was delicious, the mac and cheese was to die (in my best Rachel Zoe voice). And the cotton candy that was larger than your head was a whimsical way to end a wonderful meal. We told our favorite stories about the bride and laughed until our sides hurt.

But there was VIP access to be had at both Ghost Bar and Moon. Ghost Bar had amazing views of the strip and some of the best people watching in town. At Moon we managed to pull some stings and we hooked up with bottle services (thanks, again guys). We sang and danced our hearts out.

Then, sadly, it was time to head back to reality. But Shelby said it best at dinner, you have to be a pretty special person to get nine women to drop everything to celebrate in Vegas. And Lindsay, my dear, you certainly are.

Violet in Oh Deer! orange and gold pumps (and my feet are killing me)

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