Friday, July 31, 2009

movie i like: 500 days of summer. by violet.

any movie that has a hall & oates dancing montage automatically becomes a favorite. well, this backwards fairytale has that and waaaaaaaaaay more: from the porcelain doll leading lady breakin’ hearts (Zooey Deschanel), to the ridiculously charming and vulnerable broken heart (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), all the way to the black and white art house film dream sequence… there are so many reasons to immediately run to the theater to experience 500 Days of Summer .
here's a taste of the aforementioned “you make my dreams come true” scene. such a perfectly exaggerated take on how you feel after the first night together:

Thursday, July 23, 2009

week 2 - fat wallet, skinny closet. by orange

man oh man - I'm just saving money left and right! ...kidding. I wish I was!!

week 2 has been a bit of a struggle, but not as bad as I thought it might be. This may be because my wallet is sitting empty. you may be thinking, why?? (if you are not shopping!) well those little things I picked up at Pier 1 and Ikea did cost money. shocking I know. so until I get paid (today! yay!) my wallet has looked depressing - thus no spending was really possible.

the things that did keep me itching in my seat a bit to want to buy were the following:

1. the many wonderful posts on Emily's cupcakes and cashmere

2. especially the #10 item on this post

3. the gd (god damn) nordstrom anniversary sale - I swear everyone at my work (Starbucks headquarters) and their mother have mentioned it to me.

4. my closet (it yearns for new items almost just as much as I do)

sigh. week 3 here we go!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

finders keepers. by orange

the internet has so much to offer, so much to dig into, so much to look at. these two images, make me break into a wide smile. it's the little things in life that count...

enjoy and happy hump day!

Monday, July 20, 2009

wallpaper closet. by orange

tonight was filled with a birthday dinner at yummy Cactus restaurant right on the water in West Seattle. during dinner my friend Shelby mentioned this fun idea: wallpapering a closet. feeling inspired i looked for some wallpaper closet photos - check them out.

i love the mix of wall paper and delicate light fixtures...

i also stumbled across some good closet wallpapering ideas at House Beautiful.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

new music - alexi murdoch. by orange

During the stay-cation, as mentioned in previous posts (previews) the husband and I took in some flicks. Well one of them happened to be Away We Go. This movie was good, maybe a bit long, but good. It was unfortunate I thought that Jim from the office had a very gruffy beard the whole movie. I digress.

Well there is a featured artist to this film. Alexi Murdoch. He is Amazing. The husband emailed the link to his music today and I wanted to share it with all of you.

Some songs that you may recognize from the movie, Gone Baby Gone or House:

"Through the Dark"
"All My Days"
"Orange Sky"

Listen here and enjoy...

week 1 - fat wallet, skinny closet. by orange

week 1. (the mission)

not as hard as I thought!

possibly because I still got to go shopping, for household items (which is just as fun!). I went to IKEA and was Shocked at all the good stuff they currently have. I think IKEA is a perfect place to visit ~ 2-3 times a year. that way, whenever you go (if you space those trips out) they have a whole new stock of things to look at. in addition to all the new items, I was thrilled at some of their sale items! I've also been spending a decent amount of time at the nearby Pier1. Here are my favorite purchases from these trips:

Andrup Rug - IKEA: $29.99!

9-Clip Window Wall Frame - Pier 1: $28! (we now finally have wedding pictures up in our house!)

the week did get a little rough when I visited the local West Seattle Summerfest. I came across two adorable booths - one with wall paper collages, another with darling jewelry. I guess technically I could buy one of the wall paper collages as it doesn't fit into the "don't go there" categories...but I did not indulge. The earrings that I was so enamored with were these little circle pendant earrings. They had a lime green background with a bright orange dove in the center of the cirle. Beautiful! And made by a local artist - even better. Of the two booths, one has a website, the other is on etsy. Check them out:

Rebekah J. Designs (earrings):

Lonjina K. Verdugo (collage artwork): or

This was the piece of artwork I was pining after at the summerfest:

Circles 2

Monday, July 13, 2009

no depression here. by violet.

this weekend marked the first-ever No Depression Festival at Marymoor Park- a full day devoted to the artistry and tradition of Americana Roots music, Seattle-style. headlined by Iron & Wine and Gillian Welch, the line-up also included local favorites like Sera Cahoone, as well as Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter. with the promise of cold beer and that collection of artists, i didn’t need any more convincing!

so, we arrived just in time for
Justin Townes Earle , son of Steve Earle, to saunter onto the stage in a pant-suit and slicked back hair. looking the part of the consummate Old-Time musician, he picked his way through 45 minutes of covers and original tunes, setting the stage perfectly for the festivities that followed.

the richly varied and fantastically eclectic crowd continued to pour in- little kids running around barefoot, Seattle hipsters sunning themselves in Converse and flannel shirts (despite the 80 degree weather), blankets, a fenced-in beer garden, picnics, Frisbee games… it was the quintessential festival setting. we hit up the BBQ stand, grabbed a few beers and caught some sun while Jesse Sykes and then a band called Patterson Hood & The Screwtopians took the stage. to be candid, they were forgettable. blame it on the beer, but those sets floated by as pretty good background music. but! soon enough, as the sun was setting, my heart skipped a little as the quiet, quirky Sam Beam approached the mic. As the one-man band Iron & Wine, he astonished us with his raspy storytelling ballads and hushed melodies. at times, the crowd was silent, almost straining to fully take in his sound. he played old hits like “Naked As We Came” and the popular Postal Service cover “Such Great Heights”, but also sang some songs from his new album Around the Well. the topper, however, was when he played “Flightless Bird, American Mouth”. i died a little. ok, ok, ok, so it is from Twilight, but in my defense it took me a whole 24 hours to figure out where I had heard it! have a listen:

after Sam sang to us, Gillian Welch and her amazing partner-in-crime David Rawlings came out and gave to us an hour long gift of music. their voices are so perfectly in-synch, welded together with rich harmonies and haunting tones… it was enough to give me goose bumps that lasted the whole night. if you haven’t heard them, go here. your life might just change.

don’t say i didn’t warn you.

next year, mark down the second weekend in July. No Depression will return.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

one more. by orange

one more I have to share...

All About Steve

previews. by orange

During the recent stay-cation with the husband we caught a few flicks. In doing so, we saw our decent share of moview previews. Let me tell you - I am so excited about some of the upcoming movies! Here are the clips of the ones that made my "definitely yes in the theater" list:

Taking Woodstock

Paper Heart

The Time Traveler's Wife

Julie & Julia

How To Be

500 Days of Summer

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

cold turkey. by orange

With being part of a blog, comes a lot of blog sleuthing. And wow can hours just seep by with no notice. Earlier this week I was deep in some blog perusing and came across a couple posts about a shopping hiatus. Well ladies and gentlemen I will be taking on my own shopping hiatus:

operation fat wallet, skinny closet

My inspiration is from two lovely ladies: Joslyn {Simple Lovely Blog} and Rachel {Heart of Light Blog}. Joslyn actually had a support group of many ladies going on a 12-week shopping hiatus while Rachel just did it {amazingly!} by herself. Joslyn's rules were basically: do not buy anything non-essential.

Non-essential and 12-weeks are a bit too aggressive for me so here are my relatively simple rules:

1. no clothes
2. no shoes
3. no jewelry
4. no handbags
5. none of the above until Labor Day {Sept 7th}.

gulp. Yep my stomach just did some major churning while writing out all of these no-nos.

My reasons for this crazy under-taking:

1. I would be highly impressed with myself for completing this.
2. The husband would be highly impressed with me for completing this...he has some interesting thoughts on this plan of mine {more on this in another post}.
3. I do spend a lot of my hard earned money on clothes, etc - perhaps I will learn some lessons through these next couple weeks to taper that in the future.
4. Saving money! Who doesn't want to do that.

room makeover! by orange

It is done! Orange now has an orange wall in the master bedroom! Check out the progress below and final pictures!

the husband perfecting the tape around the trim to make perfect edge lines...

peach primer - ick!

the first layer of orange!

only a bit more to go!

Payton giving us the "why are you messing with my room" look

orange wall: check!

the husband looking for streaks to paint over the next morning

peeling off the trim tape!


getting rid of the oops spots. thank god for goo be gone.

The End Result: Ta-Dah!!!

Now what I'm thinking is we need something within the orange space. Perhaps mirrors? Perhaps frames? Here are some of the things I've found that I'm playing around with...

Vanna Mirror with Straps - Ikea (straps are to slide in pictures or notes)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

michael. by orange

I feel very lucky to be on the stay-cation watching the live memorial of Michael Joseph Jackson. Just thought I'd post some of the pictures that my mind goes to when thinking of his amazing life.

Monday, July 6, 2009

orange paint! by orange

If you've been reading the blog you know that violet and I love decorating and re-decorating. Whether it be a new pillow, a new throw rug, a chalkboard wall or a new duvet. Well this weekend with the upcoming Seattle stay-cation the husband and I decided to purchase a new duvet (yay!!!) and some paint. Here are the grand purchases!

For the bedroom:

  1. Marimekko Tamburiini Duvet
  2. Patrice Sheets

  1. Behr "startling orange" paint
  2. Inspirational photo

With the paint kick, the husband and I talked up many ideas for using chalkboard paint. Here is what we decided on: a chalkboard large frame in our "family/hang out" room. Kind of like this photo:

Basically, we will paint part of our large wall with tinted green chalkboard paint, then buy or make a white frame to fit around the painted area. We are thinking about a 4x6 ft chalkboard area...

So we of course bought some of this:

Today we are working on putting all of this together! I'll show pictures once it is complete - cross your fingers!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

school teacher. by orange

I think along with many other little girls, I grew up wanting to be a school teacher. Really because I loved chalkboards and chalk. I loved the sound that the chalk makes when writing on the board, I loved the cool chalk-holder my 2nd grade teacher had. The only part of chalk I didn't like was the feeling of chalk dust on my hands.

Recently, there is a craze going on with chalkboard paint. Oh how I want to get on this band wagon and paint a chalkboard somewhere in my house...unfortunately I haven't picked out where yet.

My chalkboard inspiration photos:

this time last year. by orange

This time last year the husband and I were on our honeymoon. Watching the waves crash, eatting fresh fish at a table in the sand, enjoying an amazing $5 foot massage, taking in the sun, swimming...time flies by just a bit too quick sometimes. Being that we were in Bali just a year ago I thought to dedicate this post to some of the vacations the husband and I have been a part of.

Perhaps these ideas will make you think of your next get-away. Where is your favorite vacation spot get-away?

Husband and Orange first tropical vacation: Akumal, Mexico: Hotel Akumal Caribe

Destination Wedding Trip: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic: Paradisus Palma Real

Honeymoon: Nusa Dua, Bali: Conrad Bali Resort & Spa