Wednesday, July 8, 2009

room makeover! by orange

It is done! Orange now has an orange wall in the master bedroom! Check out the progress below and final pictures!

the husband perfecting the tape around the trim to make perfect edge lines...

peach primer - ick!

the first layer of orange!

only a bit more to go!

Payton giving us the "why are you messing with my room" look

orange wall: check!

the husband looking for streaks to paint over the next morning

peeling off the trim tape!


getting rid of the oops spots. thank god for goo be gone.

The End Result: Ta-Dah!!!

Now what I'm thinking is we need something within the orange space. Perhaps mirrors? Perhaps frames? Here are some of the things I've found that I'm playing around with...

Vanna Mirror with Straps - Ikea (straps are to slide in pictures or notes)


  1. You need to get rid of that nasty ceiling fan. It's a major eyesore...Then your space will shine!

  2. Complement the orange with blue accents! Also, I like the fan. The orange is great.