Monday, March 30, 2009

Payton Home!! safe & sound. by orange

Payton is home and safe.  We received a call around midnight last night that a lady in Federal Way called into Komo4 news (our local news channel) and might have our dog.  1/2 hour later we had Payton in our arms.  We feel so grateful and lucky.

The lady and her friend were on their way to church Sunday morning and stopped for gas.  While there they saw our little guy running around on a 4 lane street.  They stopped traffic and scooped him up.  Then saw the news story that night on TV and got in touch with us.

We've learned that while some people can do unthinkable things like steal a dog, there are still wonderful people out there that do simple acts of kindness like picking up our dog.  Here's to all those amazing people - cheers!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Please Help!! Stolen Schnoodle!! by orange

Ever go through something that you thought would never, ever, ever happen. Well it happened. Last night.
The husband and I were out to dinner in Capital Hill, Seattle (close to Downtown) and while at dinner someone drove up next to our car, saw that we had our two dogs in there, threw a Cement Block through the passenger window, grabbed 1 of our dogs - Payton and drove off. Thank god, Meika (our other dog) was not stolen as well and stayed in the car.

We've contacted the police, posted info about our dog on Craigslist and other selling dog sites, called shelters and vets around Seattle and have put up flyers all around Seattle...but what else can we do?? We feel like we can't do enough. And our Payton is out there somewhere. Hopefully safe, hopefully fed, hopefully knowing that we are doing everything we can think of to bring him back home.

If you have any ideas on what we should do - Please tell us!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

the power of a duvet. by orange

When I discovered Duvets I fell in love. I remember sophomore year in college my good friend had the most amazing bed. It was set up high (required a little hop in my step), was "huge" (queen size considered luxurious back then), fluffy beyond fluffy - thanks to a pillow top mattress and down-filled mattress pad and...lastly, it was covered by a duvet and snuggly down-filled comforter. You can see why I was a bit envious as I had the tacky "sleep set in a bag" from Linens and Things.

Come graduation and making money at a job - I became the owner of a duvet and down comforter. I finally made it into duvet land. What I love most about a duvet is it can quickly revive a room and make things fresh again. In an ideal world I would Love to have a new duvet cover for each season. One to usher in sunshine for spring, one to inspire coolness in the summer, etc.

Here are some of my "want it now" duvet covers. All available at Crate & Barrel or macys

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

spring cookin'. by violet

the first day of spring was Friday, March 20th. now, if you’re in Seattle, it’s a little hard to tell through all the mist, rain, fog, hail and snow. but, according to the calendar and Rich Marriot… spring has sprung!

so, while i was in Bellingham this past weekend, my dad showered us with an unbelievably optimistic and cheery spring meal that made me ready to usher in some sunshine. my dad is an outstanding cook, full of amazing ideas and an intense passion for the craft. (not to mention he is one hell of a bartender!) i am constantly amazed at what he puts on the table before us! so here is a little “taste” of some of Rico’s menu from this weekend:

rum-glazed grilled shrimp started us off- dad makes it seem so easy. in his own words: “it's just 1 cup dark rum (I used Meyer's) 1 cup brown sugar combined in a small saucepan and at medium low heat. add a pinch of salt and 1/4 tsp. pepper and let simmer for a few minutes. grill some large peeled shrimp on skewers at medium-high heat for 2-3 minutes, flipping mid-way. brush on glaze during the grilling, both sides. finish the dish by applying more glaze and sprinkling a little lime zest and chopped cilantro before serving.”

the main course was a delicious grilled chicken salad with radishes, cucumbers, and tarragon pesto (courtesy of, with whole grain bread on the side.

dessert was a bowl of grilled apricots and nectarines topped with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, slathered in the rum glaze. of course, we added a nightcap of tawny port.

now. who wants to come over for dinner?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

5 and 5. by orange

The grass is always greener on the other side...when you are blonde you want to be a red head (sound familiar?), when you are in the middle of a spitting rain storm in Seattle, you want to be on the beaches of Bora Bora...

Here is my list of 5 things I Love about being married and my 5 things I miss about being single.

Married Life

1. Have to say it - the husband. Knowing that I get to wake up to him every morning until I'm in a wheelchair makes me happy. Yeah...I know...cheesy.

2. Having someone else make dinner. This is Huge! as my cooking skills are definitely below par.

3. Payton & Meika - our two dogs. Not to say you can't have dogs without being married, but it does make it a bit easier having two care-takers.

4. Building a place called home for two. Pier One - one of my new best friends.

5. Doing errands and chores together. Not sexy, but let me tell you, things get done way faster with two people on the task.

Single Life Longings

1. All the free time. Not having to answer to anyone - it's all about you.

2. Apartment vs. House - houses are fun, however, mortgages are not.

3. Those beginning butterflies when you are just starting to get to know someone. Yes, I still get excited about the husband, but you know - those butterflies, tingly feeling in your stomach when there is just so much possibility.

4. Girls night - almost every weekend. Going out, getting tipsy and not having a care in the world. Ending the night with sleeping at a friend's house knowing a hangover breakfast is first on the agenda the next day.

5. My clothing budget. Well to be honest, in the single days I did not budget and I'm still working on implementing that :). However, when I didn't have too many money responsibilities (house, dogs, house heating bills, etc) I could be a bit more free with my disposable income.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

update. by orange

So I am still a blonde...and a bit sad. Recently I changed salons - which really felt like breaking up with a boyfriend as I had gone to my previous salon for 4 years, they did my wedding hairdo, etc. However, due to a free haircut coupon I tried my previous salon's neighbor - 7 Salon in Pacific Place. I ended up liking the cut better, got served a latte and listened to tunes spun by a local dj while there - I was converted.

So yesterday I sit down at the salon and say to my lady, "I'm thinking red - what do you think?" She responds - "I'm scared. Not that it wouldn't look good on you (back peddle, back peddle, back peddle) but I've never colored your hair before and going to red will be such a shock for you." She continued on to say "I would have you sign a waiver if you really wanted to do it today but I think we should wait and just put some red highlights in to start." The red highlights were to give me a "glimpse" of the red color. 2 hours later I end up with a great cut, blonde highlighted hair and maybe 9 strands of this more brown than red color. The red strands are not like any of the colors in my previous post - so really no "glimpse" happened. Luckily though - she hid them well so my hair looks...well...the same.

She said if I really wanted to still go red, I could come back in 4-6 weeks and she would do it, no problem. So what I plan to do is: find a good wig shop, try on some red hair and see what I think. Then, either schedule a red coloring or a partial blonde highlight. We shall see...

Friday, March 20, 2009

bar i like: the leary traveler. by violet

exposed brick. cute bartenders. sweet potato fries with curry dipping sauce. lighting that makes anyone look good. cribbage. nuevo-pub style menu (i might have just made that up) including a caramelized onion sandwich and steak frites with aioli.

my cousin hilary is lucky enough to date the owner, Scott, who is a) adorable. b) an awesome bartender. and c) HILARIOUS.

all of this, my friends, is a recipe for HELL YES I WILL GO BACK.

in between ballard & fremont

4356 leary way NW seattle, WA 98107

Thursday, March 19, 2009

red. by orange

red hair...should I or should I not? My hair is blonde, mostly straight and thin. Basically amazing...kidding. Thin is not fun. So for the majority of my life my hair has been just a bit past my shoulders and straight - because let's be clear my hair is allergic to curl or volume.

My last hair adventure was bangs. It worked and didn't work. Basically just took too much effort on my part in the morning and I enjoy sleeping too much. So, every day I put my bangs up in a clip until they get long enough to become part of the rest of my hair.

So, I'm still feeling the need for change. This is where red came in. What do you think of the following? And more importantly - what shade? To give you an idea of my complextion - I've been told I have "china doll" skin - clear and pale, with redish/pink undertone. I myself, call my skin albino or translucent - but I've heard that is too harsh. I'm getting my hair cut and colored this Saturday - so please give me your comments!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

for orange. xo violet

a friend is someone
who dances with you
in the sunlight
and walks with you
in the shadows.

{anand singh}

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

six march favorites. by orange

Favorites are always so hard to choose. Especially when it comes to fashion... However, when thinking in terms of this month and right now what makes me smile, I am a bit less overwhelmed.

1) oh...DEER! Can I tell you - I heart this brand. One because all of their shoes are so funky and unique. Second, they are realitively affordable. Especially if you go on, as a ton of oh...DEER shoes are on sale. Of all the oh...DEER shoes out there, my lust is on these. Pink is so spring, bright and fun. I envision them going with a ton of bright tops. oh...DEER! Jet Hot Pink Crinkle

2) Aussie Red Licorice from my fav - Trader Joes. If you love licorice you will love, love these. They are so soft and so yummy. I like them so much, I usually end up buying some for work and some for home. Maybe that is why I'm training for a 1/2 marathon and still not seeing any significant change in my body...hmmm.

3) Ebay. Oh how I love thee. It is like a mini shopping spree everytime I go on there and minutes & hours just easily seep away. When you press the "watch this item" button it's almost like you've purchased it but have some time to think about it. Even better, when you are tired of your designer wear - just sell it on Ebay! Money in the pocket to spend on more fabulous items...I mean...put into your savings account...

4) The J Crew Lexington Jacket. This is my current obsession. I believe it is from the 2007 JCrew fall/winter collection, thus hard to come by considering we are in March of 2009. I will find it though - I am determined. I see this to be adorable with funky necklaces, loose tee-shirts, jeans and dresses.

5) Kate Spade Gwinnett Lane Creme. As mentioned previously I am not the most domestic wife. So when I got engaged and had an opportunity for a gift registry I was a little baffled. I don't even cook, so how am going to pick out cooking gadgets? However, when I found out that one of my favorite purse designers makes domestic goods I was beside myself in joy. The Kate Spade China is so colorful and makes my heart sing everytime I look at them.

6) The Crate & Barrell Bedside Carafe. During the day I usually end up dehydrating myself completely - not due to a sweat filled workout, rather my comsumption of Coke Zero and my Starbucks Skinny Caramel Macchiato. Thus, by the time I hit the bed, my body is in serious need of some H20. This crafty little thing has a cup that fits on top of the water holder - eliminating my 9 glasses of half empty cups of water spread throughout the house. Love it.

things that make me happy. by violet

today a little black cloud has been following me around. it could have been the sleepless night or the spilled coffee on my way to work. Or maybe the lack of parking on 1st Avenue or probably even the expired yogurt in my fridge. but no matter the exact reason, this Tuesday just hasn’t seemed to right itself.

sometimes you just have to focus on the silver lining. maybe Oprah said that, maybe my mom did, or maybe it was in
The Bathtub Reader i got for Christmas… probably all 3. but regardless, there is nothing more therapeutic than reciting some of life’s little joys to make us smile again. generally speaking, mine come in bottles, sealed with a cork. but, i decided to branch out and share a few small day-to-day items that make me happy. feel free to add some of your own in the comments section… the more ammunition we have to fight off grumpy baristas, pouring down rain, stubbed toes, broken cars, the hiccups, bad Tuesdays, seasonal affective disorder… the more the merrier!
here's the small beginning of my would-be gigantic list:

peter bradley adams singing "Always"

buckley's in lower Queen Anne- $4 house chardonnay (Happy Hour 4:00- 6:00 pm )

tartan ballet flats (or, the fiscally responsible option: the Odell Ballet Flats from Target.)

French Rabbit wine... cheerfully disguised in a juice box.

slumdog millionaire. these kids made my heart equally swell and break.

colossal mascara makes me feel like brigitte bardot. one can dream.

Monday, March 16, 2009

to violet. by orange husband

D-Nic said...
Advice from the Orange Husband. Rules are important when dating if the other person is playing the game. That is, you gotta play the game to win the game. Such as, if he doesn't call within 3 days you don't answer and don't return his call for another 2 days. Single dudes are like uncaged beasts hunting on the Sahara Desert for fresh meat. We'll usually take down the weak one in the group. I mean, we really need to eat to live afterall. But, deep down we really want to go after the challenge that tastes better and leaves us wanting more. The moral of the story: make him work by not seeming like you are overly concerned what happens one way or another. Also, pick up dudes at funerals. Death is a natural aphrodisiac. Will Ferrell taught me that.

for violet. by orange

After reading your most recent post - and because it is a Monday. Please see the following:


a whirlwind weekend. by violet

So, he did call. At 10:30 pm, several pitchers in on a Friday night. Awesomely enough, I was also tanked off of the Trader Joe's wine stop mentioned below. So my enthusiasm towards his call was unabashed and completely NOT the response I had envisioned during my imaginary conversations with him.

But, before I jump into my after-hours debacles...

I have to rave about Moshi Moshi, the sushi heaven we ravaged on Friday night in Ballard. Now, given I don’t like sushi, I will confidently say I do like their wine selection, their tempura and their unbelievable LED cherry blossom tree that serves as the centerpiece. The rest of the group dined on Seattle rolls, BBQ eel and yellowfin and judging by the collective sighs of satisfaction, you could say the consensus was clear: Moshi Moshi is a hit.

Back to the drunk dial. For a single lady, Friday night can end one of three ways: happily alone in bed- face washed, teeth brushed, tucked in with a glass of water and 2 Aleve. Or, happily NOT alone in bed- please fill in the blanks. OR, chomping down Street Meat with the girls, laughing hysterically at drunk conversations, scrolling through the Blackberry’s ultra-dangerous address book, sending texts that would NOT be sent in the light of day... Unfortunately, my evening landed somewhere in between #1 and #3, which brings us back to Boy.

The Drunk Dial. I am very glad he called because on some level, it means he was thinking about me. But on other levels, it means it took three days and some liquid courage for him to pick up the GD phone. Here is where I experience flashes of “He’s Just Not Into You” advice and the array of excuses I want to pathetically grant him. Although all of my friends say this whole phone call is a good sign, I can’t help but feeling I would like even better signs- like maybe him calling on a Thursday afternoon just to say hi. Or making a date with me when he’s completely sober. For the record, we did make plans for next Friday… but here’s where it gets even more tricky and walking the fine line of ridiculous. Will he remember making plans with me? Do I follow up? Do I ask him if he remembers? Should I still assume we're going...?

Oh for god's sake. I'm throwin' in the towel on this one.

a married friday night. by orange

This Friday night I had several eye opening moments. The night started at Moshi Moshi restaurant in Ballard (yum!), a necessary wine pit stop at Trader Joes, the closing out the night at our friend's house in Fremont. The evening was off to a fantastic start when I realized they had a fruity wine that I could down instead of sake. I sadly really, really enjoy girly fruity drinks. My drinks of choice are things that get the job done while tasting delish: long island ice tea, black opal and some sweet reisling. Very classy, old woman drinks of course. Usually the drinks put me in this state: sleeping. It happens fast.

However, this night was different - eye opening moment #1. I was still awake and ready to go with a bottle and a half in my belly. However, that all ended abruptly when the husband picked me up (yes, he is amazing). It was an impossible combination: lots of vino and a smooth ride in a Corolla from Fremont to W. Seattle. However, magically before the eye lids shut my brain did work for one last second. I turned to my husband and requested McDonald's asap: double cheeseburger meal to be exact. Eye opening moment #2: it is 1:30am, my husband is in bed and here I am, drunk and alone at the kitchen table eating every last fry. Did I feel just a tad pathetic, yes. This picture described my feelings well:

I remember in my single days - when drunk food happens, usually you are surrounded by those that went out with you and you all end up crashing at one person's house. However, now married, I have a house, dogs, husband and a kitchen table to return to. I do have to say though - those McDonald's double cheeseburgers still do the trick. Soak up all the vino - love it.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

wife vs. wrinkles. by orange

Is a sign of getting old when you are giddy like a school girl at the sight of an iron waiting at your doorstop? I think so. Let me start by saying, I am one of the least domestic women out there - just ask my husband. My cooking consists of the microwave - if you show me a lean cuisine, most likely I can get within 5 sec of the right cook time. However, here I am, 26 and ecstatic to have a shiny new iron. Not just any iron - the Rowenta Steam Master. I must confess, I am a wrinkle snob. Wrinkles drive me mad. When I shop for pants, I will grab the material, scrunch it in a ball in my hand for 5 seconds and then let go - are there lots of wrinkles? Yep, not buying it. As you might imagine, linen is my enemy.

And those wrinkles they don't just come out with any old need 400 little steam holes to flatten those bad boys out. Me - 1 pt, Wrinkles - 0 pt.

my mother says. by violet

Let's see. There's the "always wear clean underwear in case you get into a car accident."

Or, "good food is the way to a man's heart."

And how about "why buy the cow when they can get the milk for free?"

But I swear to god. All day long, I've heard my mom's voice in my ears with this one: "Don't live your life around a man. Let HIM live his life around YOU."

And guess what I'm doin' all damn day long? You guessed it.

It's really unfortunate, because I don't want to be hyptonized by the little red light on my phone... but I just am. I am, I am, I am. So, what now? This is pretty tricky, this waiting game. Do I call? Text? Facebook? Ask him out? Or do I let him? Or do I keep myself supremely busy and important and popular as to not remember that the only person I want to be popular with isn't calling. Please. Leave your solutions on my doorstep.

In the meantime...

I'm off to Happy Hour!

let's talk contrast. by orange violet

This idea was borne out of our need to talk. To write. To show. Most of all, to share. We are two 20-somethings, living eating drinking shopping reading listening and working in Seattle. One single, one married, with lives as opposite as contrasting colors. Black and white, yellow and blue... or even orange and violet. What lies in between, however, is everything that makes both of us undeniably happy. Nail polish, Happy Hours, wine club, puppies, Nordstrom Rack, Sunday brunch, Corona and lime on a sunny patio, Trader Joe's, the list goes on and on...

Stay tuned for more and thanks for reading!