Thursday, March 26, 2009

the power of a duvet. by orange

When I discovered Duvets I fell in love. I remember sophomore year in college my good friend had the most amazing bed. It was set up high (required a little hop in my step), was "huge" (queen size considered luxurious back then), fluffy beyond fluffy - thanks to a pillow top mattress and down-filled mattress pad and...lastly, it was covered by a duvet and snuggly down-filled comforter. You can see why I was a bit envious as I had the tacky "sleep set in a bag" from Linens and Things.

Come graduation and making money at a job - I became the owner of a duvet and down comforter. I finally made it into duvet land. What I love most about a duvet is it can quickly revive a room and make things fresh again. In an ideal world I would Love to have a new duvet cover for each season. One to usher in sunshine for spring, one to inspire coolness in the summer, etc.

Here are some of my "want it now" duvet covers. All available at Crate & Barrel or macys

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  1. I love a duvet cover because they make my bed very dog friendly! I can throw it in the wash every week which is important when you live in Seattle during the winter - lots of nature comes in the house with my dog!