Sunday, March 22, 2009

update. by orange

So I am still a blonde...and a bit sad. Recently I changed salons - which really felt like breaking up with a boyfriend as I had gone to my previous salon for 4 years, they did my wedding hairdo, etc. However, due to a free haircut coupon I tried my previous salon's neighbor - 7 Salon in Pacific Place. I ended up liking the cut better, got served a latte and listened to tunes spun by a local dj while there - I was converted.

So yesterday I sit down at the salon and say to my lady, "I'm thinking red - what do you think?" She responds - "I'm scared. Not that it wouldn't look good on you (back peddle, back peddle, back peddle) but I've never colored your hair before and going to red will be such a shock for you." She continued on to say "I would have you sign a waiver if you really wanted to do it today but I think we should wait and just put some red highlights in to start." The red highlights were to give me a "glimpse" of the red color. 2 hours later I end up with a great cut, blonde highlighted hair and maybe 9 strands of this more brown than red color. The red strands are not like any of the colors in my previous post - so really no "glimpse" happened. Luckily though - she hid them well so my hair looks...well...the same.

She said if I really wanted to still go red, I could come back in 4-6 weeks and she would do it, no problem. So what I plan to do is: find a good wig shop, try on some red hair and see what I think. Then, either schedule a red coloring or a partial blonde highlight. We shall see...

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  1. Guess it wasn't meant to be for either of us this week. :)