Tuesday, March 17, 2009

six march favorites. by orange

Favorites are always so hard to choose. Especially when it comes to fashion... However, when thinking in terms of this month and right now what makes me smile, I am a bit less overwhelmed.

1) oh...DEER! Can I tell you - I heart this brand. One because all of their shoes are so funky and unique. Second, they are realitively affordable. Especially if you go on http://www.onlineshoes.com/, as a ton of oh...DEER shoes are on sale. Of all the oh...DEER shoes out there, my lust is on these. Pink is so spring, bright and fun. I envision them going with a ton of bright tops. oh...DEER! Jet Hot Pink Crinkle

2) Aussie Red Licorice from my fav - Trader Joes. If you love licorice you will love, love these. They are so soft and so yummy. I like them so much, I usually end up buying some for work and some for home. Maybe that is why I'm training for a 1/2 marathon and still not seeing any significant change in my body...hmmm.

3) Ebay. Oh how I love thee. It is like a mini shopping spree everytime I go on there and minutes & hours just easily seep away. When you press the "watch this item" button it's almost like you've purchased it but have some time to think about it. Even better, when you are tired of your designer wear - just sell it on Ebay! Money in the pocket to spend on more fabulous items...I mean...put into your savings account...

4) The J Crew Lexington Jacket. This is my current obsession. I believe it is from the 2007 JCrew fall/winter collection, thus hard to come by considering we are in March of 2009. I will find it though - I am determined. I see this to be adorable with funky necklaces, loose tee-shirts, jeans and dresses.

5) Kate Spade Gwinnett Lane Creme. As mentioned previously I am not the most domestic wife. So when I got engaged and had an opportunity for a gift registry I was a little baffled. I don't even cook, so how am going to pick out cooking gadgets? However, when I found out that one of my favorite purse designers makes domestic goods I was beside myself in joy. The Kate Spade China is so colorful and makes my heart sing everytime I look at them.

6) The Crate & Barrell Bedside Carafe. During the day I usually end up dehydrating myself completely - not due to a sweat filled workout, rather my comsumption of Coke Zero and my Starbucks Skinny Caramel Macchiato. Thus, by the time I hit the bed, my body is in serious need of some H20. This crafty little thing has a cup that fits on top of the water holder - eliminating my 9 glasses of half empty cups of water spread throughout the house. Love it.


  1. I picked up the JCrew lex jacket back in 07 when it was on a secret sale. It's a great blazer- a bit heavy for March though! My buttons fell off... must resew them. http://isnotfashion.blogspot.com

  2. My most favorite "happy" item is the love of my life, my dog Bailey. She always is there to cuddle, play, walk, anything! She can definitely put a smile on any dreary face. (Oh, my husband is another favorite....)
    But, speaking of china Kim, have you ever seen this pattern....
    For someone who never wanted china--I love it and must have it. We'll see what Mike says....

  3. Rob - I have seen "chirp" and Love it. When registering I seriously considered it. It's just fresh and fabulous. Considering your nickname is bird...ummm....you need to own it. :)