Monday, March 16, 2009

to violet. by orange husband

D-Nic said...
Advice from the Orange Husband. Rules are important when dating if the other person is playing the game. That is, you gotta play the game to win the game. Such as, if he doesn't call within 3 days you don't answer and don't return his call for another 2 days. Single dudes are like uncaged beasts hunting on the Sahara Desert for fresh meat. We'll usually take down the weak one in the group. I mean, we really need to eat to live afterall. But, deep down we really want to go after the challenge that tastes better and leaves us wanting more. The moral of the story: make him work by not seeming like you are overly concerned what happens one way or another. Also, pick up dudes at funerals. Death is a natural aphrodisiac. Will Ferrell taught me that.

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  1. orange husband, you both inspire and frighten me.

    i'll keep you posted.