Sunday, March 29, 2009

Please Help!! Stolen Schnoodle!! by orange

Ever go through something that you thought would never, ever, ever happen. Well it happened. Last night.
The husband and I were out to dinner in Capital Hill, Seattle (close to Downtown) and while at dinner someone drove up next to our car, saw that we had our two dogs in there, threw a Cement Block through the passenger window, grabbed 1 of our dogs - Payton and drove off. Thank god, Meika (our other dog) was not stolen as well and stayed in the car.

We've contacted the police, posted info about our dog on Craigslist and other selling dog sites, called shelters and vets around Seattle and have put up flyers all around Seattle...but what else can we do?? We feel like we can't do enough. And our Payton is out there somewhere. Hopefully safe, hopefully fed, hopefully knowing that we are doing everything we can think of to bring him back home.

If you have any ideas on what we should do - Please tell us!!!

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