Tuesday, March 17, 2009

things that make me happy. by violet

today a little black cloud has been following me around. it could have been the sleepless night or the spilled coffee on my way to work. Or maybe the lack of parking on 1st Avenue or probably even the expired yogurt in my fridge. but no matter the exact reason, this Tuesday just hasn’t seemed to right itself.

sometimes you just have to focus on the silver lining. maybe Oprah said that, maybe my mom did, or maybe it was in
The Bathtub Reader i got for Christmas… probably all 3. but regardless, there is nothing more therapeutic than reciting some of life’s little joys to make us smile again. generally speaking, mine come in bottles, sealed with a cork. but, i decided to branch out and share a few small day-to-day items that make me happy. feel free to add some of your own in the comments section… the more ammunition we have to fight off grumpy baristas, pouring down rain, stubbed toes, broken cars, the hiccups, bad Tuesdays, seasonal affective disorder… the more the merrier!
here's the small beginning of my would-be gigantic list:

peter bradley adams singing "Always"

buckley's in lower Queen Anne- $4 house chardonnay (Happy Hour 4:00- 6:00 pm )

tartan ballet flats (or, the fiscally responsible option: the Odell Ballet Flats from Target.)

French Rabbit wine... cheerfully disguised in a juice box.

slumdog millionaire. these kids made my heart equally swell and break.

colossal mascara makes me feel like brigitte bardot. one can dream.

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