Monday, March 16, 2009

a married friday night. by orange

This Friday night I had several eye opening moments. The night started at Moshi Moshi restaurant in Ballard (yum!), a necessary wine pit stop at Trader Joes, the closing out the night at our friend's house in Fremont. The evening was off to a fantastic start when I realized they had a fruity wine that I could down instead of sake. I sadly really, really enjoy girly fruity drinks. My drinks of choice are things that get the job done while tasting delish: long island ice tea, black opal and some sweet reisling. Very classy, old woman drinks of course. Usually the drinks put me in this state: sleeping. It happens fast.

However, this night was different - eye opening moment #1. I was still awake and ready to go with a bottle and a half in my belly. However, that all ended abruptly when the husband picked me up (yes, he is amazing). It was an impossible combination: lots of vino and a smooth ride in a Corolla from Fremont to W. Seattle. However, magically before the eye lids shut my brain did work for one last second. I turned to my husband and requested McDonald's asap: double cheeseburger meal to be exact. Eye opening moment #2: it is 1:30am, my husband is in bed and here I am, drunk and alone at the kitchen table eating every last fry. Did I feel just a tad pathetic, yes. This picture described my feelings well:

I remember in my single days - when drunk food happens, usually you are surrounded by those that went out with you and you all end up crashing at one person's house. However, now married, I have a house, dogs, husband and a kitchen table to return to. I do have to say though - those McDonald's double cheeseburgers still do the trick. Soak up all the vino - love it.

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