Thursday, March 12, 2009

wife vs. wrinkles. by orange

Is a sign of getting old when you are giddy like a school girl at the sight of an iron waiting at your doorstop? I think so. Let me start by saying, I am one of the least domestic women out there - just ask my husband. My cooking consists of the microwave - if you show me a lean cuisine, most likely I can get within 5 sec of the right cook time. However, here I am, 26 and ecstatic to have a shiny new iron. Not just any iron - the Rowenta Steam Master. I must confess, I am a wrinkle snob. Wrinkles drive me mad. When I shop for pants, I will grab the material, scrunch it in a ball in my hand for 5 seconds and then let go - are there lots of wrinkles? Yep, not buying it. As you might imagine, linen is my enemy.

And those wrinkles they don't just come out with any old need 400 little steam holes to flatten those bad boys out. Me - 1 pt, Wrinkles - 0 pt.


  1. The single-lady solution? The dryer. Grab a neutral-colored washcloth, get it a little damp, throw it in the dryer with said-offending item and voila! Still wrinkled, but not as bad...

    ...although, I have seen this iron and it is a pretty little thing. I might even have domestication-envy.

  2. I too use the single-lady like a charm!

  3. Having recieved this iron for Chrismtas, I know that it works amazingly. But I demand proof that you use it. And proof doesn't mean shirts that Dan irons for himself...