Monday, March 30, 2009

Payton Home!! safe & sound. by orange

Payton is home and safe.  We received a call around midnight last night that a lady in Federal Way called into Komo4 news (our local news channel) and might have our dog.  1/2 hour later we had Payton in our arms.  We feel so grateful and lucky.

The lady and her friend were on their way to church Sunday morning and stopped for gas.  While there they saw our little guy running around on a 4 lane street.  They stopped traffic and scooped him up.  Then saw the news story that night on TV and got in touch with us.

We've learned that while some people can do unthinkable things like steal a dog, there are still wonderful people out there that do simple acts of kindness like picking up our dog.  Here's to all those amazing people - cheers!!!

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