Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer TV Addict. by violet

This is a sad time of year for a TV addict such as myself. All of my favorite shows are taking their summer hiatus. However the networks are slowly learning that many of us are so addicted to TV that we can’t quite turn it off even when the weather turns warm. Or, if you live in the northwest, you keep the TV on because our summer doesn’t start until August. So luckily there are a few things getting me through this difficult time.

Bethany Getting Married: I’ve been on team Bethany since I started with the Real Housewives of New York. Personally, I think she’s as real and as funny as they come on “reality” television. This spin off follows Bethany as she plans her wedding and gets ready to have a baby. Bethany’s relationship with Jason is generally adorable and paired with their dog, Cookie, they create a cute little family that I can’t wait to spend time with.

My Life on the D List: Although Jen Lancaster may have stolen a little bit of the “the woman makes me roll on the floor laughing” limelight from Kathy Griffin in my mind - she is still hilarious. She’s back for another season of high jinks and it looks like she will bring along even more friends this year. I can’t wait to see what other insane things that this lady does.

The Bachelorette: Yes. I watch this horrible show. It’s pretty much the same thing every season. Some silly person thinks that this is a great way to “find love.” Hilarity and great water cooler fodder then ensues. I’m thinking about starting a pool. I’ve got my final four locked but things get tricky after that. In case you care, currently my money is on Roberto, Chris L., Frank and Kirk.

Mad Men: I could wax poetic about this show for a very long time. With all the developments at the end of the last season (trying to avoid spoilers here) I can’t wait to see where my friends from Sterling Cooper have ended up. This show lets you soak it all in and track the characters. Developments happen slowly then suddenly you find yourself freaking out on your sofa, while the characters you have invested in try to keep it all together.

The Wire: I know that the show is over. However, J.P. and I just started it on Netflix. It’s already enthralling, complicated and brutal. I’m told it only gets more so as the series goes on. So when there’s nothing on it’ll be pretty easy to pop a disc in and delve into this tricky world.

Friday Night Lights: This season has already aired on DIRECTV but NBC is now running the show on (surprise) Friday nights. I can’t even tell you how much I love this show. I love the town, I love the characters, I love the relationships and I even love the football. I’ve converted about eight people (including orange and her husband) in to die-hard converts over the past few years with my unstoppable preaching. I’m telling you, if you aren’t watching this show, you are missing the best show on television. Also, join in the campaign to get Zach Gilford an Emmy.

Clearly there's enough here to keep me busy.  What's your summer TV favorite?  Something I missed? Top Chef? Royal Pains? My Boys?  Burn Notice?  And, when is It's Always Sunny coming back? 

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