Sunday, June 27, 2010

cotton anniversary! by orange

2 years ago...

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The two year anniversary celebration has been amazing thus far.  The agenda:
  • Sleeping in
  • Brunch at Jak's - The Greek Scramble and MANmosas - (aka large glass mimosas :))
  • Walk around the Junction in W. Seattle and the Farmer's Market
  • Coffee from Uptown Espresso (sorry sbux)
  • Trip to downtown Nordstrom for my present (anything under $150 and has some cotton component - husband's rules)
  • Nap-time
  • Dinner at La Rustica
  • After dinner drinks at Beveridge Place Pub to play some board games like we did on our very first date

Now you may be wondering - what did I buy with my Nordstrom guidelines? As you know from previous posts I've been shopping for some wedges. Well these are definitely some high wedges, and I think will be perfect with capris, dresses and more. The shocking thing - they seem to be very, very comfortable.

Jeffrey Campbell Slingback Wooden Wedges$zoom-super$


  1. Congrats you two crazy kids! And those wedges are HAWT. I'm not sure I can spot the cotton but you must have presented a strong case.

  2. The husband was lenient with me :). We decided that there was cotton in the material right where the strap connects. :)

  3. Congratulations! What a fun day it was, wasn't it? Many more years of happiness are headed your way...