Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Calgel again. by orange

So I went back to en-Salon for a Calgel refresh.  I tried the American version of Calgel - Shellac the week prior, but it didn't work out as well (started chipping in less than a week) and had a lot less colors to choose from.

This time I did things a bit different.  Instead of getting the normal bright polish, I decided to try the "reverse french."  Check out the pictures below.  The nail technician assured me "it's huge in Japan."  :)

I'm excited because with the reverse french, the nail grow out will be much less noticeable, thus the Calgel might really last a full 3 weeks.  We shall see...

Maybe I'll do this next time...not sure what it's called...reverse french fade-out?  :)

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