Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Anticipation. by violet

As orange mentioned, this last weekend in Seattle was beautiful. There is always a weekend like this in the northwest – a weekend that reminds you, after months of grey and cold, summer is possible. That you didn’t buy those shorts and tank tops for nothing. That there will be sun drenched days ahead.

Of course when Monday dawned it was grey and back to 60 again. But it got me thinking about all the things that are on my summer to do list.

Outdoor movies at Red Hook in Woodinville: Some great movies to spend a night drinking beers under the stars to, Stepbrothers, The Hangover, Sandlot. I’m there.

Drinks out on the deck: There are some great spots, Joey’s, BluWater Bistro, Cactus on Alki and The Lookout. I’m looking forward to trying out the Hard Rock downtown.

Hiking: I’ve had this book called "60 Hikes within 60 Miles of Seattle" for a few years now. I’m betting this is the summer that I crack it open.

Kayaking on Lake Union: Agua Verde Cafe and Paddle Club is genius. Rent a kayak then eat delicious Mexican food. I can’t think of a better way to earn a margarita than an hour out on the lake.

Slurpees: Nothing says summer to me like this delicious convenience store treat. Better mark my calendar for 7/11 when they are free.

Sandals: Flip flops, wedges, gladiators, platforms, I’m ready to set my toes free.

Ice cream: Molly Moon’s, Full Tilt and Old School Frozen Custard, plenty of delicious ways to beat the heat.

BBQ: I love having people over and firing up the grill.  J.P.'s been working hard on our front patio and it's time to break it in.

Summer reading: It’s an engrained reaction but when the weather starts to heat up I need a good book with me for just sitting in the sun and soaking it all in.

Violet in Kenneth Cole black flats

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