Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Business Travel. by violet

Those of you who live on the west coast, know and love the freeway of many names that runs up and down the best three states a girl could ever live in. Depending on where you reside, you might call it “I-5,” “the 5” or simply “5.” But you cannot live in Oregon, Washington or California without spending a great amount of time on said freeway.

And I did just that this week. I was down in Portland again on business, this was a pretty quick trip but I got to spend the night at the Hotel Monaco. Kimpton Hotels does a good job of adding little touches to give their places some personality.

In fact, I had a little friend waiting for me when I arrived.

The drive home was a little gnarly with the rainy weather and a large accident right before I got home. But there’s nothing like some time away to make you appreciate coming home.

Violet in green, peep-toe Paolo pumps

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  1. I love the robes. I've been to a couple events at the Seattle Hotel Monaco but never actually stayed at one of their hotels. It's really cute!