Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte. by violet

Like many young women my age, I’ve watched EVERY episode of SATC. There was a time in my life, when I spent many lovely and wasted hours in my room curled up on the futon with friends watching the adventures of these four ladies. While they were attending art gallery openings in designer clothes in New York, I was going to fraternity parties in mostly American Eagle. But there was something about this show that seemed to catch fire with women my age. I think, much like the characters, we were all trying to find our way in a complicated world and deciding what kind of life we wanted to build for ourselves. That it was hilarious.

I agree with the critics that the series has turned a corner and is not longer a compelling look at four women in New York but instead contrived story lines to get caricatures into more and more ridiculous outfits. However, there must still be some power left in the series when the movie can get 9 out 10 of my best friends in Seattle together on a Saturday night for dinner and drinks.

A week after it premiered we found ourselves at Branzino for a little pre-movie nosh. I had never been but I knew it was frequented by a few of the ladies so it comes with serious credentials. Saturday was a stunning day in Seattle so the city was bustling with people trying to take advantage. Branzino is on a great corner in Belltown and had the feel of the charming bistro that you want just down the street from you. I had a wonderful glass of Elk Cove rose paired with gnocchi with mushroom and rabbit that was delicious.

However, we ran into some service issues. This is always tough situation, at what point do you say something? And what exactly do you say? When our group hit that point, one of our members tackled the task with incredible grace. The manger responded amazingly well - bringing us a round of champagne (pink no less!) and a partial comp on our bill. Both of their actions took a frustrating and awkward situation into a positive one for all. So cheers to both Leah and Branzino for handling it so well.

As for the movie, the clothes were fabulous, the plot was predictable and missing some of that sparkle that Carrie kept talking about. Much like Carrie’s relationship with Big, my relationship with the show has changed, it's settled into a pattern that might be much different than those early days but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still love.

Violet in Caged Steve Madden in nude

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  1. In college, my girlfriends and I watched the entire boxed set. I loved the show and the characters, no matter how far-fetched the plausibility. I still enjoy it but it's not the same as before, so you worded it perfectly at the end.