Friday, April 2, 2010

i'm addicted. by orange

As mentioned in previous posts, growing up, I was in love with the TV show Felicity.  When I got my first job out of college I remember how content and satisfied I felt when I was able to purchase all the seasons and, of course, re-watch them all.  Well ladies and gentlemen, I have a new show that I'm addicted to...

Friday Night Lights

Here are a few reasons why the show is Ahh-mazing.

1) The conversations between the characters (who are in high school) are realistic to their age.  There are no overly-mature monologues where you think - yeah, right.
2) Each character has a significant story, there is not just one "good guy" or the character that is always the antagonist.
3) Hour long episodes. 
4) The family dynamic of the coach's family.  It's not perfect which makes it all the more appealing.
5) Riggins, Seracen, Street...ummm...they are all good looking.
6) Some of them, Landry in particular, have such sassy attitudes - love it!
7) During the show, I'm completely sucked in, when the team scores a touchdown - I'm sitting in bed, raising my hands up in the air quietly yelling "Yeaahhh!"
8) It's like a never-ending football movie; I loved "Remember the Titans" and this is that, mulitplied times 60+ episodes.
9) The little boy from "The Blind Side" is in the show.  He is just too darn cute.

So, if you have not had the pleasure of watching this show and are looking for a new series to fall in love with, I highly recommend to go out and rent/buy Friday Night Lights.  There are three seasons out on DVD and the fourth season will start airing on TV in May.  Plenty of time to power thru the first three seasons and be ready for the new Friday Night Lights!

Go Panthers!

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