Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Plans. by violet

Oh man, I had plans. Tonight was Seattle Weekly’s Voracious Food Awards and Tasting. Shelby and Nick invited us to come along. And I thought that it would be great fodder for the blog. I thought I would take great pictures and write little notes about what I was eating and share it all here. I planned an epic post. I was pumped for the post and the great food and drink.

Then, we got to the event. The line was literally down the block, the whole process was pretty much a cluster. You didn’t have tickets, it was all will call. Then it was a total burn because the alphabetical groups were not divided equally, meaning the O-Z line (which we were in since J.P. bought the tickets) was way longer than the others. The process was really, really frustrating.

The line

When we finally did get in, the place was PACKED – you could hardly move. It was a little bit like a street fight for the first hour or so. I could hardly grab the food let along my camera to snap picks. So taking pictures and notes was pretty much out of the question.

Street fight

But things kind of thinned out after a little bit and there was room to breathe and I got to stop and take a minute and enjoy the food.

And there was a lot of enjoyable food and drink to be had. 

J.P.’s favorites
- Palace Kitchen: “Pork on bread business”
- Matt’s in the Market: Seafood Ceviche
- Seastar: Sweet Corn and Dungeness Crab Bisque
- Long: Drink in a Ziploc bag
- Tavern Law: Best uniforms

Oh, hello. 

My favorites
- Skillet Street Food: Housemade seared fennel sausage "slider" apple cauliflower compote, melted leeks
- Seastar: Sweet Corn and Dungeness Crab Bisque
- Matt’s in the Market: Seafood Ceviche
- Long: Drink in a Ziploc bag

The slider

The drink in the Ziploc bag was totally a genius idea. There was a little rubber band so you could hang it around your wrist while you were holding your plate and throwing elbows to get to the next table. 

By the time I wanted a cupcake they were cleared out. Bummer. Oh well, I know where Cupcake Royale and Trophy are should the feeling  for forsted goodness strike me.

With Shelby

Not exactly the epic post that I planned on but it will have to do. And you know, life keeps teaching me over and over again, life is what happens when you are busy making other plans. 


  1. I am intrigued by "drink in a Ziploc bag"... did you snap a picture? I want to live vicariously through you.

  2. Much too much "socializing" and "catching up" and "enjoying one another's company" by you guys...crafty and aggressive were the key traits to making that event sing...and, yes, the lemon drop baggies were genius...

  3. Sadly, I did not take a picture of the drink in a ziploc bag. Clearly, I will have to give you a demonstration ;)