Monday, April 5, 2010

A Prairie Home Communion. by violet

Growing up, Sundays with my dad meant driving to church listening to Car Talk and driving home from church listening to A Prairie Home Companion. My brother and I would roll our eyes and beg dad to listen to something else. But those Sunday mornings the radio dial was firmly set on NPR and there was no changing his mind.

There were other rituals too – he always parked in the same place, in the very back, entering through the less-trafficked side entrance. Mike and I would walk into church balancing on the small curb that lined the pathway. At the end of mass, during, but not before the processional hymn, dad would hand one of us the keys and we would tear out of the church and race to the car. And for the few minutes it would take dad to follow after, Mike and I would sit the in the car warmed by the sun, listening to whatever we wanted but always, always, turning to NPR on by the time dad arrived.

So it was sort of fitting that I spent the Saturday before Easter this year watching A Prairie Home Companion live in Seattle. Since mostof the time in church, I find my mind inevitably wanders to those Sunday mornings growing up with NPR. Saturday with Garrison Keillor seemed like a good way to get ready for Easter Sunday, a ritual, a pilgrimage back to the Sundays of my youth.

So I found myself once again at the Paramount theatre with J. and his family, getting ready to watch a radio show live.

Along with the usual crew, was musical guest Brandi Carlile, who unbeknownst to me, J. had spent the last week enjoying her music at his office. She was absolutely amazing – I must download her latest album.

Having spent the last week in Seattle, Garrison hit on all the great Seattle jokes and even included a great little ditty called, “Seattle Woman, You Don’t Need No Umbrella.” Over all, a great experience for the day before Easter.

After the show we climbed up the hill to Machiavelli – an absolutely charming little Italian spot on Pine and Melrose. The staff was friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming. The venue while, tiny is warm and inviting. And above all the food was delicious.

The wine cellare which was just behind our table

A pre dinner drink

My spinach ravioli with tomato cream sauce with the Columbia City Bakery bread and Liz's lasagna bolognese in the background

J.'s chicken parmigiana

Tiramisu with chocolate mousse

There will be plenty more from our Easter weekend, including brunch at Smith and our Sunday dinner in the coming days.  But for now I leave you with this....

Violet in Born Norelle - flat, black, knee-high boots

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